Poll: Who Should Be The Next Manager Of Tottenham Hotspur?

This Sunday at 4pm UK time, Stoke City plays at home against Spurs. If Spurs lose this match, what should happen? Vote now.

<a href=”http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/1004140/” >If Spurs lose to Stoke on Sunday, who should be in charge of Tottenham?</a> <br /> <span style=”font-size:9px;”> (<a href=”http://www.polldaddy.com”> surveys</a>)</span>

17 thoughts on “Poll: Who Should Be The Next Manager Of Tottenham Hotspur?”

  1. how about we stop being stupid and stick with the proven manager we have already got!

    I really wish people would stop putting added pressure on a team under so much already! They are quality players and will come good. I am possitive that last February no one was asking for Ramos' head!

  2. Seriously, what does a BS 'article' like this achieve?

    And even then, who came up with the candidate list?

    Unbelievable that you get this crap on the web let alone NewsNow

  3. As much as I wish he could do it, Ramos is hardly proven in the EPL and has been rubbish so far.
    He got us here which is why I doubt he can get us out of this now.
    Hiddink perhaps but unlikely.
    Unfortunately, a case of wait and see before we get back to square one or the Championship.

  4. The question really was a No brainer !!
    Spurs are not going to get rid of Ramos.
    They shouldn't have got rid of Jol either and before that they were really stupid not to get O'Neill – he would have been better than any Director of Football.However, these are past errors and won't be helped by getting rid Ramos.We need stability.
    Of the other potential managers – Redknapp could be good especially if he brought Defoe and Diarra with but this is the realm of fantasy.As for Souness – no way – Jar you forget he walked out onus as a teenager.

  5. souness didnt walk out on us, mullery was there and spurs let him go and besides he wants to finish his career where he started, ramos is on borrowed time- no fight, souness on a temp till end of season

  6. Nobody leave Ramos in charge theres no available proven manager better than him in this country . . . . . The only person i would want would be Rijkaard . . . But stick with Jaunde

  7. You need to get rid of Damien Comolli first. Ever since he's been at Spurs, transfer deals, in and out take FOREVER to get done. It's always a long, acrimonious process that often ends with either nothing (Arshavin) or puts you in the lurch (Berbatov – no time to find a replacement)

    He also fell for the classic trap of buying someone for way too much money because of a few international tournament showings. In Pavulychenko's case, he showed he needed more chances than Andy Cole to score a goal. Besides, Russia had as may stinkers as wonder matches at Euro 2008.

    Ramos didn't become a dolt overnight. He had a very good squad that did great things at Sevilla. Give him useful players who can actually play together, and stop selling his top players at times when they cna't be replaced, and you might have half a chance.


  8. Jol absolutely should have gone.
    We were heading for relegation battle fast and he had his chances.
    We may have replaced him with a dud, but a change was much needed.

    As for blaming Comolli. Can you imagine anybody doing that had the manager been Wenger, Ferguson, Murhinio or Scolari.
    No, because these are the kind of managers who would never allow their teams to implode like ours has with or without Berba and Keane.
    How dare Ramos say after the Carling Cup win that the lads have nothing to play for which is why they're losing.
    Not the words of a blood and guts manager who despises losing – the basic requirements for playing in the PL, let alone survive in it.
    Building a Seville-type team for the PL simply ain't going to cut it.
    Time to get finger out!

  9. Just F*** off with this kind of rubbish. Juande Ramos is our manager and we don't need idiots like you stoking up the pressure (pardon the pun!). JR will lead us out of this and by this time next season, you'll all be lining up to kiss his a***.

  10. listen to me. It wasnt martin jols fault he got sacked…Levy was out in talks in sevilla with ramos and this put martin jol down and the team. we finished 5th twice with him. OUT WITH THE CHAIRMAN AND THE SPORTING DIRECTOR! THATS IT! RAMOS HAS GOT NOTHING TO WORK WITH STOP BLAMING HIM!

  11. change the manager? Stop being so stupid yes i said “stupid” change the chairman maybe Kick out the man who buys the players? well that sounds like a great idea have you people who write this stuff and nonsense ever considered that? or im i the only one lets try that this time and after that lets get rid of the Chairman Only then should we consider SACKING yet another manager………”there only Junde Ramos”

  12. Am I the only one who is shocked that 60% of Spurs fans want to keep Ramos even though they're bottom of the table, haven't won a match and look like they're doomed for relegation? Unbelievable.

    The Gaffer

  13. er – somewhat contrary to all the reports at the time – he didn't like London and went to Middlesboro which was much neaer to hos home in Edinburgh – ok he was young at the time.Anyway, he's too much the nervous type for me.I say stick with Ramos.

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