Product Review: Objectivo Soccer Shirts

Another Germany-Wales match, another game too close for comfort for die Nationalmannschaft. The all-time series record stands at 8 wins for Germany, 2 for Wales and 6 draws between them. I don’t know what it is with the Welsh, but they punch above their weight when playing against Ballack and co. Germany needed all my support today, no doubt. But how best to show it?

That’s the vexing question for the fan of any team, club or country, that plays during midweek. While the unobtrusive scarf is the safest and usually stylish bet it’s not quite cold enough yet for that option. In the limited world of soccer clothing that really only leaves the jersey or kit.  For me that means my trusty Philipp Lahm #16 from the ’06 World Cup. Unfortunately, while my work’s dress code is fairly liberal they still frown on wearing a jersey in the office (whether that’s a company-wide anti-jersey or anti-Lahm policy was never made clear).

Thankfully, I found a happy medium in the form of an Objectivo Germany-themed shirt from Soccerpro. This vintage-style shirt features a large, faded black and red eagle styled after the country’s coat of arms. Unlike a shirt sporting a flag or Germany/Deutschland in script the understated design works in almost any situation. The shirt is light and breathable because it’s made from 100% cotton. Those are the pluses. One thing to note, however, is that while the neck and chest measurements are normal it seems as though the shirt’s extra long, comparable to at least a size larger than what you’d expect. That’s great if you’re tall (like me) and somewhat unfortunate if you’re not (like, well, Philipp Lahm).

Objectivo Germany

Those who aren’t familiar with the German eagle will still appreciate the look and their comments are the perfect opportunity to tell them of your passionate support. Personally, I wore it underneath a grey herringbone sports coat with jeans and couldn’t have felt or looked better. Oh, and don’t worry, Soccerpro has plenty of other Objectivo and casual soccer shirts (even Wales!) incase Germany isn’t for you.


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