L4Men: Smells Like Kop Spirit

l4men liverpool aftershave L4Men: Smells Like Kop SpiritLiverpool FC is launching its own men’s aftershave for the holiday season. No, it’s not a joke.

Named L4Men, the aftershave will be available exclusively through the club’s stores after it was recently debuted at the Liverpool Style Awards and was modeled by captain Steven Gerrard.

What next? Will Mike Ashley release a body lotion for those Newcastle United beer bellies?

3 thoughts on “L4Men: Smells Like Kop Spirit”

  1. Body lotion? More like stretch mark cream. For obvious reasons, plus it will be a “stretch” for Newcastle to be a relevant club this year.

    Hull city will be marketing ladders so you can find them in the table. Act fast while (limited) supplies last!


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