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Why Liverpool Won't Win The Premier League Title This Season

liverpool team photo Why Liverpool Won't Win The Premier League Title This Season

One game doth not a champion make. In Liverpool’s case, their victory against Manchester United at Anfield was a moral victory, a win that was in the long time making, but I don’t believe it signifies that the Reds are now title material. Wake me up when they beat Man United at Old Trafford. Then it’ll be a different story.

I may sound pretty harsh on Liverpool, but I’ve been there before so many times where the club flatters to deceive. Sure, Liverpool sits in joint first place behind Chelsea only on goal difference, but Rafa Benitez’s side has had plenty of lady luck on its side. Other than Liverpool’s win against Manchester United and their thoroughly well deserved victories against Manchester City and Everton, the club were lucky to beat Sunderland and Middlesbrough. And they were unimpressive in their draws against Stoke City and Aston Villa.

If the red half of Merseyside can continue to churn out victories like it did against Manchester City, then there’s a lot of hope for Liverpool. But the reality is that amazing comebacks like that are rare. Liverpool has been renowned for being inconsistent especially in the Premier League.

The next few games will prove whether Liverpool will be a Premier League title contender this season or not. They face a tricky home game against in form Wigan Athletic this Saturday. Then Liverpool travels to Stamford Bridge for an away game against Chelsea on October 26 in a game that they’re bound to lose. The Reds then end October with a home game versus Portsmouth on the 29th. Liverpool should win that game comfortably, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they slip up in that one.

There are still question marks about Liverpool’s forwards up front. While Fernando Torres is beginning to find his form, Robbie Keane has paled in comparison. David N’Gog shows glimpses of talent, and Dirk Kuyt is his usual self — working hard but not putting away the chances he should. Ryan Babel is playing much better than last season but isn’t getting the playing time he needs or deserves.

In midfield, Liverpool continues to be strong in the center but it’s too early to say that the wingers are proven. Benitez’s choice in the center of the park between Steven Gerrard, Javier Mascherano and Xabi Alonso gives him so many proven options. Yossi Benayoun, as an attacking midfielder, is not the player he was at West Ham United.

On the wings, Liverpool’s Albert Riera has shone on the left. On the right wing, Dirk Kuyt is not the answer no matter how hard he tries. Jermaine Pennant isn’t the answer either. When Ryan Babel is added to the side, Benitez usually plays him on the left despite him being a right-footed player.

Martin Skrtel’s injury is a blessing in disguise for Liverpool, which will allow the return of the resilient Daniel Agger to Liverpool’s defence. As long as Agger regains his form and Sami Hyypia stays out of the side, Liverpool still has hope in the centre half positions.

Bottom line, Liverpool has more talent this season than any other one under Benitez. But Liverpool will suffer from a lack of consistency week-in, week-out. The club will continue to play well in the Champions League but won’t be able to maintain the same level of perfection in the Premier League. Pretty soon you’ll see Liverpool return to its own ways in the league where the club frustrates it fans by not winning the games it should. My prediction is that the Reds will be in their usual fourth or fifth place in the league by the end of October. Just wait and see.

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44 Responses to Why Liverpool Won't Win The Premier League Title This Season

  1. Chelsea fan says:

    Sounds like you don't really know that much about football, let alone the premier league.

  2. konek says:

    stupid post

  3. redscouse says:

    you conveniently forget to mention the 'luck' Man U have had with two crap decisions that gave them break-through goals in games they looked destined to draw
    your overall break-down shows your lack of knowledge concerning us as we are gelling all over the park with Keanes work-rate and blossoming partnership with Torres especially eye-catching. your comments Re Martin Skrtle underline the fact that you clearly havent researched us as he has been outstanding! al in all a crap piece of poorly researched journalism! keep whistling past the cemetary you manc

  4. magnumopus says:

    Opinions are like assholes… everybody has one!

  5. The God says:

    Rubbish post…

  6. Andy says:

    Possibly the worst written, badly researched and groundless article on football I've ever read.

  7. someone says:

    sounds like the person who wrote that post suck information out off his ass

  8. Redray says:

    Are you recovering from some sort of operation?

  9. kev bell says:

    your a typical nob-ed, Man U would never win the league if refs didn't give them the extra 15 or so points a season with dodgy pens blag free kicks, fould on opposing goal keepers resulting in goals, Man U are a 1 man team and it dosn't help that the FA keep picking Man U supporting refs, I can just speel of loads and loads of games they have won on refs givening them everthing, if yous had a fair ref, yous wouldn't even be in the top 4 u tit

  10. matt says:

    dreadful piece of writing. Have you even seen Liverpool play this season? Sounds like you just based your entire opinion on what you heard on sky sports.

  11. ManUtd says:

    even the chelsea fan thinks your a prat, just shows how idiotic you are mate, why the hell do you even have a column? do you grow bananas from your ass? the scousers have done well this season, winning without playing well is the feat of champions, we have been lucky thanks to refs this season, the silly penalty against bolton and the decision against blackburn, but its too early to be making wild sh1t like this

  12. simplyred says:

    Looks like you totally forgotten that the ball is round… I may admit it's too early to tell what happens at the end of the season but writing off Liverpool in such and early stage is bollocks!!! Let's see what happens at Stamford Bridge and you might predict the same when the red devils visited Anfield… If you don't what you writing please keep that pile of sh*t to yourself.

  13. Red Rog says:

    An interesting article and although I am a Liverpool fan I agree it is far too early to be talking about a championship winning season.

    Although for the record you will find very few people from within anfield or match going fans who are saying much about it, as per usual it is the media trying to whip up a frenzy of speculation.

    I will take you too task on a something were we 'lucky' to win against Boro and Sunderland?

    we may not have played those sides off the park but they both made us work very hard for our win and that hard work paid off with too important victories where we took our chances when they came along.

    If you took away the points Utd have won in the last 2 seasons when they have been below par but Rooney or Ronaldo have won the game with a moment of inspiration then I doubt Utd would even make the top 4 let alone be champions… you consider Utd or Chelsea before them to be lucky Champions…no I don't think so.

    And for the record the team who eventually does win the title is not usually the team who wins the most games when playing well, it's the team that manages the most wins when not playing at there best, 2-0 to us there I'd say.

  14. Sam says:

    Before I give my opinion I want to declare that I'm a Liverpool fan but I don't want to make a negative comment about this article.

    AND I'm thinking seriously that Liverpool are not capable of winning EPL this season and probably in a couple years.

    This article is right in many things such as average players, inconsistent EPL form, and their not-good-enough form to win in match they should win.
    The new bad news is that Skrtel is out until at least December has weakened Pool defence.

    Anyway the article has given poor opinion about some players and especially in Rafa Benitez's thinking

    Some players like
    Yossi Benayoun – He is good enough to create goal-scoring opportunity for the team and he did it several times especially in big games and he also has some good techniques that is unique enough to play tricks.

    Dirk Kuyt – It seems like many people have looked down the Dutch international.
    He is not the top class footballer and cannot be a good winger or goalscorer but his diligence on the pitch and his at-the-right time footballing position create his strength.
    He is also a good header.

    Rafa Benitez has shown his tactical knowledge several times when Liverpool faces big teams or important games. I believe that his football coaching skill has changed much since his first game back for 4 years ago.

    He is a very very intelligent coach and his opinion on the pitch can change continuously, for example, his cancellation for rotation policy.

    Do you recognize that he has been interested by many big clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munchen, Inter Milan, and AC Milan.

    His ability to push Valencia for a couple times titile and his championsleague crown can prove he is a great coach.

    I am a person who likes attacking football such as Man United but I support Liverpool.
    And I think that Liverpool's attacking football back in 70s-80s is better than Man United's in present.

  15. OctoberRomeo says:

    Whoever wrote this Article just Fuck Off

  16. nitesh says:

    wep! ya its too early 2 say who will win he title. Liverpool have to focus either on the premier league or the champions league not both and even have to 4get the fa cup so as 2 concentrate only one and then he can be the winner. or else we have 2 repeat the same song ” next season will do the best!!!” am fed up wiz this song.
    nitesh of mauritius

  17. Raatzie says:

    This has to be the third “Liverpool won't win the league” post Gaffer's made this season.

    Replacing his previous features “Spurs – great team, or greatest team?” and “Who will Spurs draw in the 09-10 Champions League group stage?”

    Each of the “top four” has had one bad draw, and Arsenal's had two bad losses to boot. Objectively, as a Liverpool fan, Chelsea look to be the favorite at this point in time.

    But can we wait 'till Boxing Day to make any grand proclamations and predictions?



  18. dan says:

    your being very pessimistic and a bit harsh considering where only seven games in .
    we started slow and got lucky but that was liverpools never die attitude that i love , not that many teams have that and now we have a lot of quaility in the squad to make something out of nothing in those situations so you may call it luck but is it the same luck that utd have had for nearly 15 seasons .

    im a optimist and if we had these games in any of the last 4 previous years everyone would be talking about liverpools title charge is over . Something you have overlooked we had a very hard fixture start to the season and yet were joint first .

    i judge liverpool when they go behind its something that liverpool have always found hard in previous seasons and for me the man city game was mark of things to come .

    Wigan will be a tough test but do you think liverpool would lose that tie , with the battle of the gaints in the next fixture . Liverpool will play that game wanting to go to stanford on equial tearms . im sorry Wigan have no chance!

    Maybe we can carry that luck and take to stanford .

  19. Azpoo says:

    get a grip you silly man, how can u honestly say that when u so very obviously have no clue about football? as any self respecting football fan will tell you, any championship winning side needs a little bit of luck. Just Look at Man u for heavens sake! or i suppose that Chelsea are still a ' Bore' in you eyes? get off the silly little Skysports news bandwagon and dont make assumptions until at least Christmas, then pass judgement! And who are you to say we'll get beat by Chelsea? if i remember correctly Liverpool have statiscally taken more points at stamford bridge than any other team in the league in 5 years, so smoke that in your pipe

  20. scott says:

    wow here's a rareity a man u fan who actually speaks the truth im impressed how i wish there were a few more of you around, if i knew you i would buy u a drink

  21. Juan Marcos says:

    I am a psychologist and if you are interested, from your post, your rhetoric and your utilisation of the English language, it appears that you are an unconfident adult, limited in ideas and insecure about your place in the world. Try to remain positive and understanding of others, life can improve. JM.

  22. Buto says:…what's wrong in a team saying they are going to win it this season, after being closer to the top for the past many years rather than the bottom? If that was not the case, they shouldn't be playing football in the first place. Being pessimistic is not a virtue of an aspiring champion. As for the article, looks like it is written by someone who doesn't really know how to watch the game. Also I think the writer follows a different league. What a waste of internet space. Hope he is not paid to do this..sheesh..

  23. Daniel dired says:

    Stupid post for a stupid asshole !!!!!!!!!

  24. Todd says:

    silly scousers…this article could be written every october and be true. if anything the fact that liverpool have kept it competitive shows they wont win. only real test away was everton…meanwhile united have traveled to the bridge and anfield, not to mention tough trips to pompey and blackburn. united go to arsenal in a couple weeks and if we are still within 3 points, id consider us favorites to make that up in the second half of the season with the rest of the big 4 coming to old trafford. the reason scousers are upset is because every year at this time they get to pretend they can win the league. write this article in april when they say all they care about is advancing to the finals of the champions league.

  25. ST. Chris says:

    Hahahahaha this article is a joke.

    My favourite part is that he makes a point that it's too early to judge Liverpool, (after we've played United Everton and City) only to say that the next three games will be the real test. What an idiot, like three games can define a season.

    I hear more people saying 'stupid scousers always talking about winning the league so early' than I actually hear Liverpool fans talking up our chances. It's a complete myth. Just like the Rafa rotation myth.

    Get a grip of yourself 'Gaffer' you cockney twat.


  26. Raatzie says:

    “meanwhile united have traveled to the bridge and anfield . . .”

    Way to pick up one point out of those two.

    “not to mention tough trips to pompey and blackburn . . .”

    in the latter of which you got a goal by fouling the keeper (not called).

  27. man u 4 life says:

    yo the worst form of opinion i have ever heard hahahahahahahahaha he is very shallow like when he said that three games will determine liverpools season…and that we will 5th after three games hahahahaha what a joke i feel sorry for such a worthless human bieng

  28. Simon says:

    The gaffer has totally underestimated Benitez. Our failings in the last few seasons has been Rafa's persistence in rotation. We didn't really have the squad in depth to do that. He can do it occassionally but some players shouldn't be rotated unless they are really tired.

    Rafa now approaches each game like he would a champions league game.

    I'm not totally confident of winning the league but I am confident that we will have a good go. Last year we lost 6 pts to the Mancs. They won by 11. Take away there 3 they had against us and add our 3 that is a gap narrowed to 5. We drew the rest of games against the other top 4. Beat Everton the 5th place team twice. 6th place once and drawn once. Our season was over last season beause we drew so many. I don't expect that to happen so much this season. That gap between the Mancs and us now doesn't look so big. Of course Chelski are a huge threat but if we beat them at Stamford Bridge then we take away there home record and add even more confidence. Don't rule out Liverpool doing this because they are strong in every department.

  29. zaid says:

    sounds you dream during matches (watching them with your eyes shut)

    go n play football manager, PES or FIFA

    it will help you GAFFER

  30. red2death says:

    “Other than Liverpool's win against Manchester United and their thoroughly well deserved victories against Manchester City and Everton, the club were lucky to beat Sunderland and Middlesbrough. And they were unimpressive in their draws against Stoke City and Aston Villa.”


  31. che says:

    i think you're surely fucking devil fan, it's worst post i ever read. going to puke

  32. denis says:

    Your journalism is consistant, consistantly poor.
    makes no sense. none. not even a little.

  33. MiteyLFC says:

    We will win the title this season
    In the past, when we've been behind, we've never clawed back & won the games in the Prem League.
    This season we've actually gone out and tried to win the games even after falling behind.
    We've had luck on our side, but we've created the luck and it's about time we had some good luck on our side!
    This season we are winning games that we would have easily lost in the past

  34. khaled says:

    How would you know, u smart ass!! the season is still fresh no body can till. however liverpool are playing really well at the moment

  35. sam says:

    How does a random opinion like this get published? Sure Liverpool may not win the league… but at least put up a better argument than the drivel printed above.

    Basically the argument was, I don't think Liverpool will win the league because they were lucky so far.

  36. solodee says:

    Abject nonsense!

  37. Woof Woof says:

    Even my dog vomited after reading this piece of crap !!

  38. Jonson Shine says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha

    “…Then Liverpool travels to Stamford Bridge for an away game against Chelsea on October 26 in a game that they’re bound to lose…”

    Eat that you american (has to be with such a limited knowledge of the beautiful game) sack of Joey Barton's pubes….

  39. Tiaimo says:

    u idiot…..!!!

  40. The doctor says:

    im waiting and im seeing…..

  41. man utd 1- 4 liverpool (old trafford) says:

    Read my name then read the first line of you column and then read my name then read it again i think u need to print off a copy of this column and eat your words and also u really dont know much about football by the sounds of it u need to cover the mls

  42. PX54 says:

    “Wake me up when they beat Man United at Old Trafford.”


  43. FredTheRed says:

    Haha, good to see the Scousers getting excited by winning one match at Old Trafford. Liverpool will finish at least 10 points behind us in 3rd place and get knocked out of the Champions League in the quarters. Another trophyless season so they can spend all summer banging on about it being “this time”. Another trophyless season at Anfield.

  44. LaFiend says:

    Fair old chance we’ll go out of the CL in the quarters, but U wouldn’t bet on it. 10 points behind in third? You are a deluded as the original author.

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