Whitecaps win USL-1 Title


Last night the Vancouver Whitecaps captured their second USL-1 title in three years defeating the tired and road weary Puerto Rico Islanders 2-1. Englishman, Jonathan Steele, the league’s MVP and arguably one of the best footballers that plays on American soil had a subpar match for the Islanders, as did Peter Villegas.  Charles Gbeke who started the season with Montreal scored twice, including the winning goal on a nice setup from Justin Moose. The Islanders had a golden chance to equalize late but Sandy Gbandi who scored the first goal hit a one timer just high.This was a lively, entertaining match but the fact that Vanocuver, second in the regular season was hosting the match forcing the Islanders already strecthed travel schedule to be pushed further left a very bad taste in my mouth.

The Islanders must now focus on the Champions League where despite leading their group, a tough road awaits to make the quarterfinals. The Islanders lead the group with 7 points, while Santos and Tauro FC are sitting on 6 points each. It is imperative that the road weary Islanders rest up and take all 3 points next Wednesday against Municipal at home.

What does everybody think about the final?

11 thoughts on “Whitecaps win USL-1 Title”

  1. This was the best game all year played in North America. That being said it would still be a second rate game in Europe. My comment is more a statement about how unbearable MLS is than the quality of USL. It was entertaining though.

  2. That's a load of crap, LV Canes. And, Franco, USL is a joke if it can't promote pure competition. Talk about cynical.

  3. USL does promote true competition. The league is quite honestly no different than MLS and the USSF which has allowed MLS Cup and the Open Cup Final to be held in stadiums where teams can be the home team.

    Look I know the MLS fans led by this and other sites have a very shallow agenda of discrediting USL because all of a sudden the league is getting props and performing well in the Champions League.

    In addition, the games are more entertaining if you like end to end football. If you like tactical buildup play, MLS is better. They are too different products and my blood boils when MLS fans rip USL for no reason without ever seeing a match and then get angry accusing people of being biased towards European leagues when they rip MLS without watching MLS.

    Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

  4. If the game would've been in PR,the story would've been different..still congrats to the Whitecaps,the second team of the league!!!

    The real champions were the Islanders :)

  5. I was thoroughly impressed with the level of skill in the final as well as how appealing the match was to watch. The local fans added to the atmosphere. I really enjoyed watching the game on telly.

    The Gaffer

  6. Very good game to watch on TV. Vancouver fans are notoriously supportive.

    It's is a shame that Vancouver got the game based on non-football issues, but USL has been guileless on this point. A very good advertisement for a very good product.

    What kind of budget do USL sides operate under anyway???


  7. ^^Would've been great if that final would've been in Bayamón with over 12,000 fans,oh and I'm pretty sure there are no greater fans in the USL than the Islanders'

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