FIFA 09 Interview With EA Sports' Aaron McHardy: Questions Please


FIFA 09 will be released in North America this Tuesday. To coincide with the launch, EPL Talk’s Johnathan Starling will interview EA Sports Gameplay Producer Aaron McHardy. If you have any questions about the new game, what it’s like behind the scenes at EA or anything else FIFA 09-related, please post your questions here before midnight Tuesday October 14, 2008.

McHardy is no stranger to football. He played for Jamaica in a World Cup qualifying match. He was selected as a member of the PAC-10 all conference first team in 2001 when he was at Oregon State University. Born in Vancouver to a Jamaican father, McHardy played as a striker.

The interview is now live on the EPL Talk Podcast.

14 thoughts on “FIFA 09 Interview With EA Sports' Aaron McHardy: Questions Please”

  1. I have two questions for Aaron McHardy. #1 Why does NCAA Football games have more stadiums than FIFA games. #2 Will we ever see Hampden Park, Ibrox, and Parkhead in a FIFA game?

  2. i have one question….why dont they put more selection teams like pes…..?????/…what does ea sports think about selection teams????….

  3. In this year's edition of the FIFA series on the PC, the graphics system is finally upgraded to the next-gen standards of the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3. Next generation graphics have been a part of the series ever since FIFA 07 on the Xbox 360 and on the PS3 as well in FIFA 08. Most PC players have the hardware to handle the demand for resources that comes with next gen graphics, so why has EA largely ignored the PC community's call for next gen graphics on PC editions of the FIFA series until now?

    Not really football related…sorry 'bout that.

  4. 1. Are there any new improvements or major changes to Manager Mode?

    3. Are trophies available for the PS3 version of FIFA 09?

  5. Hi EA,

    How do you about feel about the rivalry between PES and Fifa? Also will their be a more elaborate trophy celebration in Fifa? (as is the case in PES). I want my team to bask in the glory of victory (for a longer period of time :). And, what are some improvements you have made in this years addition, that will be a platform to create a better game next season? Thanks

  6. 1. Will we ever see a wider expansion of club and international teams? For example, the Israel league and international teams are higher ranked than some you have in the game, what are the chances a change is ever made?

    2. In be a pro-career mode, how can your friends play? Online? On the same xbox? System link? Have you ever thought about doing this online? Where your created player could play with your friends' created players and work their way up together?

  7. Will EA fix the ball looking like it's weightless. For example when I shoot the ball it looks like the ball is going into outer space, there's no dip, it just keeps on rising even when I use the finesse shot.

  8. Evenin'! I have a few questions as well.

    In Manager Mode, will we ever see visible real-time changes to teams who get promoted and relegated? For example, let's say the three teams that get promoted to a top-tier league like the EPL get their sleeve badges, and of course, their number and letter fonts?

    Although these questions will also pertain to the PS2 version of FIFA, I'll go ahead and ask anyway. Will the Next-Gen games ever have create-a-club included in future installments like? Will that have a detailed number of kit templates to use and customize for yourself? Will the created club(s) even be allowed to have a sponsor, and place them wherever they want, too? Would it have an extensive list of fonts to choose from as well?

    Will classic clubs make a return? Will more teams and leagues be added? Will the Malaysian and/or Israeli leagues make a return in future installments, since both leagues were in previous installments? Would we even see the J. League or Japanese National Team in the future?

    Thank you!

  9. My question is for the psp version of the game. Why is it that compared to the previous editions of the game,this year's graphics are extremely poor. When I look at the look at the in-match graphics, I feel that that graphic level is more suitable for the GameBoy version of the game. Please,EA,bring the old graphics back. thanks


  10. My Questions are:

    1. What will you offer in terms of DLC for the PS3?
    2. EA put out UEFA Champions Leaugue last year but how come it is not incorperated into the actual FIFA games but is incorpated into the newest PES?
    3. FIFA has always had the major licenscing.. Do you bid on the licensces much like the NFL is exclusive to EA/Madden? If so when does your licensce run out?

    Thanks and looking forward to this coming out this week.

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