5 thoughts on “England vs Kazakhstan Live and Online”

  1. I enjoyed the pre-game and half-time analysis by Webster and Barton. Webster is a good football analyst, but he's not a commentator. For the beginning of the match, the duo weren't even commentating. They were carrying on their discussion and analysis, which was pretty awkward given that the match was being played before our eyes.

    Nice mullet on the Kazakhstan goalkeeper, by the way.

    The Gaffer

  2. Warren Barton is a really boring man, good analysis but he is just bland. Nick Webster should stop commentating and stick to Super Sunday.

    If this makes you upset, look away. Martin Tyler and Gary Stevens were on the international feed that they could've used.

  3. that was AWFUL!
    Why on earth couldn't they give us the International feed
    If anyone from FSC is reading this…WAKE THE F**K UP!! PLEASE

    That was pants!…seriously Pants!
    Take is seriously and spend the money to get us commentators who are paid to do the job….Webster and Barton did their best, but they had no chance did they….having to wait for the replay or for the feed to show us if it actually went for a corner or whatever is happening was uncomfortable for the lads and I kept waiting for Tommy Onion bag Smith to show up and hang out with the lads in the prefab box

    Who the F**K is running the production arm of FSC??
    E-mail me and I will HELP you for FREE
    or better still…do what I do when I want to improve myself in any way….go out and find who is the best at what you do….and do what they do!!
    Obviously the twats at FSC THINK that ESPN are the best at putting together a football show
    Is the England game on FSC Wednesday??? PLEASE!!! Don't throw the two lads in the studio under the FSC bus on Wednesday

    FYIW…their analysis is very good

  4. I thought it was amusing that they kept referring to England as “we” – on a US based network too! So much for impartiality.

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