Tottenham Coming To USA For Future Preseason Tour


Not to be outdone by rivals Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur has announced a strategic partnership with a Major League Soccer club.

In 2007, Arsenal announced a partnership with Colorado. Now Spurs have announced a deal with San Jose Earthquakes. The major difference with the Spurs deal is that it sets the wheel in motion for Tottenham to conduct future US tours.

According to Tottenham Development Coach Clive Allen, “The relationship will provide us with the opportunity to exchange coaches and methodology as well as providing a base for the Club in any future US tours. Our aim is to support the development of MLS by using our wealth of experience in the game on a number of levels. Football development will certainly be an integral part of the partnership, but other areas of our infrastructure will be beneficial models such as the work we do in the community with the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation.”

Tottenham Hotspur first visited the US in 1951 to play Manchester United at Yankee Stadium, New York. The match ended with a 7-1 scoreline in favor of Spurs. In 1966 the Club toured the US for the first time and played matches in numerous locations including Chicago, Detroit, Hartford, Jersey City and San Francisco. Tottenham Hotspur last visited the US in 2003 to play DC United in the Capital Cup, which resulted in a defeat against the Washington-based team.

It’s not known when Spurs will play preseason friendlies in the United States, but it may happen as early as the summer of 2009 or 2010.

5 thoughts on “Tottenham Coming To USA For Future Preseason Tour”

  1. Well, Burt may be correct that it will be a championship side by the time of the tour. However, the real concerning is Prem side or not will it be worth the ticket price especially in a down economy. Being a veteran of US pre-season tours, I say give me the 39th game or nothing!

    Yet, if they come to Chicago, and the price is right I'll buy a ticket.

  2. this is not constructive at all… But I hate Spurs fans in America. I live in Brooklyn and my local 'football' bar has been taken over by them. and they are the most annoying wanna be EPL supporters I've ever met. My best memory was the lasagne match a few years back…

    I was getting abuse non stop because West Ham where beating them, and it was my fault they got food poisoned ( latter found to be mild if at all bacteria) and would not make Europe.

    That NBA dude Steve Nash is a Spud fan, let him organize the match…

    Spuds v Crystal Palace Baltimore is a nice choice for Spuds.

  3. i am spurs thru &thru, have been since 1960 if you dont want them to visit over your way, send them to California, wewould like to watch a half decent team

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