Which Debt-Ridden Premier League Clubs Were Contacted By Banks?


Creditors have contacted at least three Premier League clubs to express their concern that their level of debt is unsustainable, according to Paul Kelso of The Daily Telegraph.

The question is which clubs do you believe are the ones most likely to have been contacted? Vote now.

2 thoughts on “Which Debt-Ridden Premier League Clubs Were Contacted By Banks?”

  1. Now I want to know who it was. I don't think it's Spurs. Although we have some debt, it's been widdled down significantly since Sugar. But our chances of a new stadium are done and dusted. Not that we will need a bigger WHL in the Coca Cola.

  2. ^Haha. I agree, althought spurs play has been horrid, the business side of the club does very well so I dont think they have any more debt than the other middle-of-the-road (if 20th place can be called that) prem clubs

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