How To Get Setanta Sports On Comcast Cable


If you’re a Comcast Cable customer and you want Setanta Sports, the time to act is now.

I just spoke with a source inside Comcast Cable who confirmed that their head office in Philadelphia has signed a contract with Setanta Sports so that local Comcast Cable companies have the green light to add the 24/7 soccer network.

Comcast will likely debut Setanta Sports in three of their local markets first: Illinois, New England and the Bay Area. BUT these regional MSOs (multiple system operators) are dragging their feet and will be unlikely to add Setanta anytime soon unless they hear from you, the Comcast customers.

Here’s how to get Setanta Sports on Comcast Cable:

Whether you live in Illinois, New England, the Bay Area, or any other part of the country, you need to let Comcast know that you want your Setanta Sports. The more voices and e-mails they receive, the more likely they’ll add Setanta Sports sooner rather than later.

To find the contact information for your local Comcast Cable provider, visit the Cable Provider Locator tool and enter your zip code. The locator tool also includes pre-written e-mails to send to your local provider. But if you have a choice between making a phone call or sending an e-mail, a phone call will always be more convincing.

Sometimes the only way to get things done is to take action. If you want Setanta Sports, get your soccer friends to call and e-mail Comcast and spread the word.

16 thoughts on “How To Get Setanta Sports On Comcast Cable”

  1. Also – Cox in Fairfax Va now has starting carrying Setanta and that's set to expand across the Cox platform in the coming months.

    Verizon has a free 2 weeks of Setanta in mid October starting on Oct 10 or 11 for those to test it out on…

  2. Two questions – likely nobody knows the answers, but worth asking in case you do.

    1. I bought a yearly subscription to Setanta by Broadband Aug. 1. Any way that can be transferred to Comcast?

    2. Do cable/satellie Setanta subscribers also have access to Setanta by Broadband? I travel for work and don't want to lose out on Setanta during travling weekends.


  3. Raatzie
    1) No chance
    2) No chance.

    If yo uhave a subscription, you can only watch it on computer wherever you are assuming your internet connection is decent enough – i asked Setanta about
    giving users broadband who already subscribe – they said no. Pity cos I think if they offered me broadband for 5 dollars on top of my 15 for the channel i would take it but I wont pay 15 for something i already have.

  4. Hey,

    Just wasted 15 minutes of my life with some moron at the comcast call centre. Can anyone tell me is there a minimum subscription period for Setanta Sports? Or can you cancel it at any time?


  5. As far as i know , no minimum. Its a pay channel you can cancel anytime. I have FIOS. You’d be telling cable to cancel it so i assume setanta arent involved at all.

  6. As an ex Brit living in Canada we have easy acces to Setanta through Sattletite in Canada. We spend time in the winter in Estero, Florida where we have Comcast service for Phone, High Speed and TV but unfortunately no Setanta which is very dissapointing and causes me to suffer from soccer withdrawal. (Much to my wifes content since I then spend more time with her!)
    Lets hope Comcast acts on this ASAP and resolves my suffering!!

  7. I have Time Warner in the Albany, NY area. Does anyone know the reason for the reluctance on the part of TW to carry Setanta anywhere? Seems it could be a really sweet deal for them. $15 a month… not too many channels command a rate like that.

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