Best New Football Books To Add To Your Holiday Wish List


Other than a few soccer blogs and a handful of literate newspapers, there isn’t a plenitude of intelligent football writing available. But there is one last bastion that we can continue to depend on and that’s football books.

A good way to find out which books to buy are to find the ones nominated for the William Hill Sports Book Of The Year. The 2008 nominations have been announced and they include the following football books:

The winner will be announced on November 24. But in reality, all of the above books are winners. If you’re looking for a perfect Christmas present for the football fan in your house, order one or more of the above books online. Some of them are available via for readers in North America.

4 thoughts on “Best New Football Books To Add To Your Holiday Wish List”

  1. I requested a review copy of Wilson's new book from the publisher a month or more back but have not heard anything thus far :)

  2. A friend of mine gave me a copy of “Inverting the Pyramid” as a birthday gift..I really enjoyed reading it . It opened a lot of revelations in sports history , I can say these book also entertained me.

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