USL Gets Humiliated on Matchday Four in CONCACAF


With a league title on the line Sunday the Puerto Rico Islanders rested several regulars for tonight’s Champions League match in Mexico against Santos Laguna. The results were disasterous even with Santos resting several regulars. 3-0 was the final scoreline which proves USL sides have neither the depth nor the quality to really compete against the best from North America. This result comes just two weeks after the Islanders dominated Santos at home.

Puerto Rico has allowed fixture congestion to bog down its season, like certain MLS sides that don’t call Houston home.  This game exposed USL’s weakness and quite frankly reinforced what we’ve seen from MLS sides save Houston in this tournament. A very embarrasing performance and a revealing night that discredits some of the love USL has been getting lately. When you factor in Montreal’s sub par performance against a vastly outclassed Joe Public side, the worst team to make the group stage in the region, USL had a bad night. The Impact won 4-1 in Port of Spain but the side which was eliminated from the USL playoffs this past weekend missed three sitters, yes three sitters. The Impact will not get away with that sloppiness against any other side currently in the CONCACAF Champions League. Quite frankly after watching Joe Public in both matches against the Impact it is an embarresment to the entire region that this side somehow made the group stages. Until the overall level of CONCACAF improves and sides like Joe Public do not advance to the group stage, the tournament will continue to have its detreactors.

19 thoughts on “USL Gets Humiliated on Matchday Four in CONCACAF”

  1. This Blog is usually quite good!
    But what were you smoking last night?
    Puerto Rico sat 10 of 11 starters for is Championship game this weekend – Iknow this is the same excuse that most MLS teams have used all along.
    SO if Montreal played “SUB PAR” and defeated Joe Public 4-1 away (the same team that defeated New England 4-0) are you saying that an ON PAR Montreal would most definitely crush the Rev's

    Really this blog today leaves me confused?!?

  2. I am pretty confused by your blog. As the others have written I do not believe that these results “discredit some of the love USL has been getting lately” if anything the fact that USL can roll teams like the Impact did to Joe Public and sit on top of their group reinforces the fact that the gap between USL and MLS is not as wide as imagined. Until MLS raises the bottom level salaries for the “depth” players as you refer, I actually think USL teams have more depth. I can not think of anyone who would disagree that the Impact have more depth, if not necessarily talent, than their neighbours Toronto FC.

    If you think missing three sitters is a travesty try watching an EPL match between two bottom table teams. Assuming they will be able to even create sitters, odds are they will miss many of these chances.

  3. You my friend are an idiot. A team loses one game and they are crap and embarassing. A team wins 4-1 and you critize for not winning 8-1. You critize MLS even though one CCL does not a trend make. are you an objective writer or an idoit who likes to feel important. You constatly get facts wrong and wrongly critize teams. Dumb ass

  4. Wow this author is a mor… seriously,get your FACTS RIGHT!

    Please, the Islanders,Whitecaps,Impact and Rhinos could beat ANY TEAM from the MLS!

  5. Thank You Santos!

    Kartik, it's about time you wrote something like this after months, pre dating the CCL of building up what is essentially a semi professional league.

    I hope Montreal and PR get their lunch the rest of the Champions League.

    No USL team would finish above last place in MLS. The best players in USL are all like the 17th or 18th best players on an MLS team.

    We know the truth and know you have been full of s$%t the whole time. Thankfully you final;ly saw the light. Now can we get some MLS coverage instead of wasting time on the helpless US National Team and a semi pro league?

  6. I can't stand USL. But I don't know how you can justify that headline. If you want to establish enough credibility to make this site attractive, you should put more thought into your headlines. You should be doing a story on USL's decision to allow the second-seeded team to HOST their final against the top-seeded team.

  7. While the title here is sensational as are many of the articles on the site, the content of most stories here I agree with.

    May I make a suggestion. TONE DOWN YOUR TITLES!

  8. I haven't been following things on a game by game basis but I believe Montreal has played something like 22 games in the last two months and I know they've been logging thousands of miles on long flights in the past week alone…cut them a little slack! :)

  9. I'm not going to cut Montreal any slack at all. Why? They do nothing but complain up there about the long distances that they'd have to travel if they had their own league, as if Boston to LA or Seattle to DC were a daytrip to the Laurentians.

  10. @MLS FAN,are you “undrafted”??? @ Joey,that's so TRUE,supposedly Fox Soccer Channel didn't want to have to go to PR to televise the Final… @Ismetana,believe ME,the Islanders have had a rougher schedule.

  11. they could, but more often than not they wouldn't. If the game actually mattered (e.g. the US Open Cup all but 1 year of MLS's existence)

    Bori427, it's not that hard to find me. Try reading the username more closely. If it says “undrafted” it's me. If it says something else, it's not.

  12. Except that The Islanders, Whitecaps and Impact don't enter the US open cup.
    The CCL does matter to them (obviously not some MLS teams)

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