Poll: Did Vidic Foul Blackburn Goalkeeper Jason Brown?

It was the big talking point from this weekend’s game at Ewood Park. Should Manchester United’s first goal been disallowed because Vidic backed in to Blackburn goalkeeper Jason Brown and elbowed him in the face, or – as the commentators mentioned – it was Brown’s mistake for not asserting himself and punching the ball to safety? Vote now.

Should Manchester United’s first goal have been disallowed?
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11 thoughts on “Poll: Did Vidic Foul Blackburn Goalkeeper Jason Brown?”

  1. Foul , intentional or not (it wasnt) he catches the keeper with an elbow in the face
    as he goes for the ball – Vidic never gets the ball so it has to be impeding.

  2. typical abu answers…it was never a foul. brown is built like a brick house and was hardly impeded. if you go out like a wet towel, you cant cry foul. if anything vidic was pushed into him…but everyone has a fair shot at the ball in my view

  3. If the same thing happened outside of the six yard box I'd say no foul. Inside the six yard box, you have to call a foul there. I don't know how the ref didn't wave it off. Oh wait, the ref was Steve Bennett…

  4. when someone kicks at your ankle while you are running full speed and you fall to the ground…its usually a foul. if a 250lbs keeper comes out for the ball and gets knocked down from minimal contact, then he gets less consideration. then again i hate how the keeper usually gets every single call for contact in the box. i prefer to favor the attacking player

  5. y'all sceptics are way too blind.
    go watch the replays properly, santa cruz clearly wasnt eyeing the ball, he was pushing vidic towards brown instead.
    how else would vidic lean into brown unintentionally?
    surely u guys wont consider santa cruz fouling cos the decision was between brown and vidic.
    if anything, it should either end up as a wes brown goal or a penalty.
    go ahead watch the replays.

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