Send In The Cockney Clowns: Newcastle Contemplates Signing Gerry Francis


Gerry Francis has been offered a coaching position at Newcastle United, according to Sky Sports. But, according to The Daily Telegraph, he may reject the offer.

If he takes the position, the former Tottenham Hotspur and Queens Park Rangers manager will join a club overflowing with cockneys including owner Mike Ashley, vice president Tony Jimenez, executive director Dennis Wise, managing director Derek Llambias, assistant manager Chris Hughton and manager Joe Kinnear.

It’s not that I have anything against cockneys. It’s just that Ashley and company seem to be making mistake after mistake and, as a result of hiring Londoners, they’re distancing themselves further away from the Geordies and damaging the morale of the club’s players and supporters.

Just like Joe Kinnear, Francis has been out of the game for ages. His last management position was in 2001 when he was in charge of Bristol Rovers. Recently the former England midfielder has been a pundit on Sky Sports.

Other than for the sake of convenience, why put Francis in there? Why not hire someone who has more experience and who can actually make a difference?

Which other cockneys will Ashley and Wise unearth next for Newcastle? Maybe Michael Caine, Alan Sugar, Dennis Waterman and the cast from Eastenders will be invited to join the board and St James’ Park will start serving jellied eels instead of northern pies?

The sooner Newcastle gets new owners, the better.

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