Gerard Looking To MLS Move

Former Barcelona defender Gerard

The former Barcelona player found himself unsigned after the end of the transfer market.  According to Sport, the former blaugrana midfielder did receive an offer from Sheffield United (team he was on trial with) but it wasn´t to his liking and he would prefer to go to the United States to play in the MLS as the league that he has felt a great deal of attraction towards.

Gerard López, 29, was bought by Barcelona in 2000 from Valencia for US$26 million.  He suffered a serious knee injury that brought down his level of play as well as his role in the club during the Rijkaard era.   In 2005-06, he was loaned out to AS Monaco but only played in 18 matches during his two years there.   He then went to Recreativo the following season but only played in 13 matches.

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  1. I wish Gerard the best of luck. MLS should give him a shot. Early in his career, from my recollection, he had some tragic family events which affected him deeply and he has never been the same. I think he can bring some quality to the game in the States.

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