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Gaffer Jr Is Born

photo2 Gaffer Jr Is Born

A new football fan entered the world yesterday. Christopher, aka Gaffer Jr., was born in Boca Raton. Weighing nine pounds six ounces, he’s a beautiful baby boy — the first boy for my wife and I. His three sisters are already cooing over him and will undoubtedly spoil him to bits over the coming years.

Both my wife and I are doing well and are ecstatic over the birth. Not sure if baby Christopher will end up being a Swansea City supporter like his father, but I’ll definitely try to sway him in that direction!

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22 Responses to Gaffer Jr Is Born

  1. PorkRomeo says:

    Congratulations Gaffer. All the best.

  2. DoublePivot says:

    Congrats Gaffer. Good luck little Gaffer :)

  3. Yannick says:

    Congrats Gaffer. All the best to you and your family. May God continue to watch over and bless you all.

    By the way, I think he'll be a Manchester United fan. ;-)

  4. Kartik says:

    Congrats Gaffer!

  5. lsmetana says:

    Congrats Gaffer ! All the best to you and your family !

  6. Eric says:

    Congrats! I read elsewhere on the Internet that Arsene Wenger has already sent a scout and intends to beat Man U, Chelsea and Swansea City and have the wunderkind join my Arsenal. :)

  7. AtlantaPompey says:

    Congrats! The 'Play Up Pompey' bib and blanket set is in the mail!

  8. NJ says:

    Congrats, and best wishes!!!!

  9. Weston says:

    9lb 6oz ?!?! Damn thats a big boy! Congrats!

  10. Chris O says:

    Well done Gaffer! Best wishes to you, your wife and family… :)

  11. Shakira Graham says:

    Congrats Gaffer, should I send a Derby bib and onesy to him? lol

  12. Nevitt says:

    Congrats Gaffer!! 9lbs 6oz beats my 9lbs 1oz, 12 day old daughter.

  13. Alex Z says:

    Congrats, and if he ends up going with Tottenham, that won't be too bad either ;)

  14. Josh says:

    congratulations that's awesome

  15. The Gaffer says:

    Nice one! My wife had a laugh about that one.

    The Gaffer

  16. The Gaffer says:

    Only if your first child wears a Nottingham Forest bib and onesy!

    The Gaffer

  17. The Gaffer says:

    Thanks and congratulations to you on the birth of your daughter!

    The Gaffer

  18. The Gaffer says:

    Thanks everyone for your kind wishes and congratulations.

    The Gaffer

  19. Ivan says:

    congrats. can u convert the weight into kgs n gs? So that i can find out how amazingly big ur boy was when he was born? Best wishes.

  20. eplnfl says:

    Great job. The best to you and your wife.

  21. Sean says:

    Congrats, all the best.

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