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What Would You Do If You Were In Charge At Tottenham?

juande ramos2 What Would You Do If You Were In Charge At Tottenham?

Tottenham Hotspur’s downfall this season is befuddling.

On paper this summer, the team seemed stacked with a wealth of talent. But by the way the team has played so far this season, something is seriously lacking. It’s the desire to win.

Watching Spurs play, they look like a team of losers. Not by the results they achieve, but by the lack of passion and commitment they show.

The question has to be asked, could anyone do better than Juande Ramos? It’s puzzling why the team is playing so poorly with so much talent on the pitch. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that they’re missing a leader. But it’s much more than that. There seems to be something happening behind the scenes that is causing them to lose their edge, or they simply don’t understand or agree with Ramos’s tactics.

I’d like to pose the question to you: What would you do if you were in charge at Tottenham? Imagine yourself as owner Daniel Levy. Would you get rid of Juande Ramos? Why or why not? And what other changes would you make?

Share your feedback below. I’ve got some ideas of what I would change, but I’d like to give you guys the opportunity first.

On a personal and happy note, I’m less than 45 minutes away from entering the operating room with my wife to help deliver a baby boy. I’m in the hospital right now and looking forward to seeing the newest addition to the Gaffer family. It should be a wonderful day. When I get a chance later, I’ll post some pictures of the baby here. Cheers.

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30 Responses to What Would You Do If You Were In Charge At Tottenham?

  1. Nevitt says:


    Don't give a crap about Spurs, but congrats on the baby. My wife and eleven day old are asleep on the couch. My wife had a c-section as well, I was stunned by the speed of the whole thing. Once again congratulations!!!

  2. yangstyle says:

    i'd tell Jenas to warm the bench and bring in tarabt, ghaly and prince boateng and shove them in and tell them to play like the crazy gang for 10 matches and get us out of this mess….yellow cards galore…jenas is more suited to ballet than bossing a midfield

  3. Maccad says:

    Put Jenas up for sale for free and ban Ramos from playing him until his contract runs out cause why would anyone want the waste of space who has so much talent but can only deliver in 15minute spells which come around about 1 every 8 games. Then i would tell Ramos to pick his best 11 and play that same team for next 4 games. I would also inform him that although Fraser campbell is on loan he can still start him cause he has looked miles better than bent and actually looks like he wants to win.

  4. Al says:

    Only a few minor changes can change spur's fortune…

    1) Play 4-4-2 formation, we have never succeeded playing anything but this, one up front is way too negative for a team with a wealth of attacking ability.

    I would play:-

    Corluka(Hutton when he is back), Woodgate, King, Bale
    Bentley, Modric, Zakora, Lennon (Or dos santos)
    Pavlachenko, Bent

    2) Give Ramos the chance to turn things around – in no way is there a suitable replacement at the moment so we would be in a similar situation to newcastle and nobody wants to be there!

    3) Get rid of Comolli and bid for a decent striker and left winger in Janurary – give Ramos the choice of who he wants not an option out of three he doesn't…

  5. bazzer says:

    i have supported spurs for over 50 years,and i feel that we need a workhorse as our d f m could the answer be staring mr ramos in the face ,a player that has got everything including heart, that shines through when he plays for his country(.GARETH BALE) he young fit and has stacks off class and wants to play for us.i do question a lot off the other players

  6. harveyhotspur says:

    get rid of the board for people who love spurs not just money or the profile they seem to think they have.get an english manager or one who can speak the lingo and buy players 2 months before the transfer deadline.promote the youth system and keep spurs at the lane …

  7. Gavo says:

    We need to play ''who wants the ball'' in training. Nobody out on the field seems to want the ball, they pass it around they are nervous, nobody wants to hold on to the ball and run with it apart from Zokora when he was playing against portsmouth. Our attack is not getting support from midfield. they are playing too far apart when going forward. nobody to pass too. Take Chelsea for defending… there is always 3 people round one player limiting options, take arsenal for attacking football and you will see plenty of options around one player to pass the ball. These are key! we must sort this

  8. Maccad says:


  9. Ryan Tackoory says:

    I'm fed up with these bad spell. Each season we say this will be the one where we would find ourselves in the top 4 but each time it is a complete mess.
    There should be a big problem inside the club itself. So for the fans, the best option will be to sell the club to someone who has a desire to win silverware and proud of the club and if the club succeed in doing so, money will follow.
    We need big cash injections to buy world class players, like Robinho, Ronaldo, Torres…don't hesitate to pay 40-50k for these top players.
    Come on spurs!!!

  10. Gavo says:

    too right – remember the villa game when we were 4 down and came back to 4-4. that was desire. That was fight! we had it then, Keane has been our biggest loss. he was a fighter. Gomes has been a hero for us at the moment. my suggestions are,
    link playing tactics in training… pass pass pass, who wants it Me Me Me.
    Play closer, with 2 up front personally, bent and campbell
    Dos santos in left midfield with bently on the right or lennon depending on who we are playing
    build modric some muscle otherwise play zokora

  11. Bahamaspur says:

    I think we need to take a long, hard look at Gareth Bale. He's too good to play left back or left mid. He's quick, creative, strong in the tackle and most importantly at the moment, not afraid to take a shot.
    He is the answer to our midfield problems at the moment. Also, Ramos may not have wanted Campbell but we've got him so we might as well use the lad, especially agaisnt Hull on Sunday as he knows the way they play.

    Gunter Woodgate King / Corluka Assou Ekoto
    Lennon Jenas Bale Gio
    Pavyluchenko Campbell

  12. Gavo says:

    Ryan you idiot, that is not the best thing for the club. look at Hull and how well they have done, Aresenal hardly spend alot of money, because they bought wisely and young players.

  13. snipes says:

    Yeah, chuck more money at it. That will solve the problem. How much have we spent already? Idiot. Get rid of the DoF role. Not needed.

  14. spur us on says:

    atlast…..someone can speak my language!
    get rid of jenas!!!!!
    give campbell a start.
    lennon should be in starting lineup also.
    you need to play with your best side from the blow of the whistle.
    stop trying to play catch-up.
    no more excusses regarding what works and where, you had this opportunity pre-session….!!!!!
    get on with it.
    if the players don't want to play, put someone in that does.

  15. Simple says:

    Bring in Graham Roberts

  16. spur us on says:

    and what's with bentley and all the free kicks and corners….??????
    shouldn't he be on the receiving end of the ball?
    I haven't seen one of his kicks on target………………swap your shoes around son..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'm over it.

  17. spur us on says:

    Hi Gavo,
    i think zokora has been a standout for us at the moment……..

  18. spur us on says:

    pavlova is already starting to sook!
    get rid of him.
    too much of a princess like boo-boo-tov…………………

  19. Realisticyid says:

    stefan freund would solve all our problems, with andy sinton filling on on the left.

  20. jackie says:

    They concede 61 goals and buy a crap winger, a good young attacking mid, and more attacking full backs. Then they sell their two best players to teams who finished above them last season. Why was anyone expecting anything else from Sp*rs? Bentley was not good enough for Arsenal. Jenas, Lennon, and Bent are mediocre players. King and Woodgate are sick notes. A few years ago Sp*rs made a good run, their D was much more solid that season and Carrick and Davids controlled the mid. The last two seasons Defoe, Keane, and Berbatov have scored tons of goals, but they've leaked almost as many. Now they just have the leak….

  21. Simon Burke. says:

    If I was Spurs manager I would get through this year without getting relegated, buy a load of foreign talent without really knowing what to do with it and then wait for blogs like this to pronounce Spurs as TOP FOUR material.. again.

    Seriously they need a decent center mid, Diarra would have been ideal and of course they need more depth up top, another decent striker but its the midfield which is the least balanced right now – all their games are being lost there. Bentley is woeful but will thrive when someone can fight for the ball and then get it to him – Modric isnt that man. Modric would also thrive from said mystery man however.

  22. DoublePivot says:

    I'd sell the club :)

    But if I were owner, I would fire Comolli and I wouldn't reinstate the position. Comolli has bought and sold players like he's playing Football Manager. He has not worked with either Jol or Ramos to build a team. Yes there are many good players on the team, but there is no team. And for every good player, there are two completely awful ones. Adel Taraabt and Kevin Prince-Boateng anyone? We haven't had a DM since he ran Carrick out of town. And that was main thing Ramos asked for in the summer. There are clearly two agendas: Ramos' and Comolli's. And that will relegate the club.

  23. Weston says:

    Good point – Spurs havent had quality central midfield play since the Davids/Carrick pairing and the one possible replacement (Malbranque) was let go…

    Comolli needs to go, he is hurting the team badly and recruits duds.
    They need to play 4-4-2. If spurs continue to play with 5 in midfield and Roman on an island by himself up top, they wont win a game until february.

    And bring up Tomas Pekhart!!! Giving the kid a shot alongside Campbell would definitely result in some goals. Hes a giant and can bring the ball down for a quick finisher like Roman, Bent or Campbell, much like Berba did for Keane.

  24. Weston says:

    PS Congrats on the kid Gaff. Hope all goes well.

  25. Alex Z says:

    Its amazing how few people congratulated Gaffer on the baby. Good luck mate, and hope all goes well. Wish you the best.

    As for the Spurs, Ramos knows that something is missing; that is why he has been shuffling lineups so much. Personally, I think its a good, strong workhorse midfielder that can hold the team together and distribute the ball. Its a shame all the shuffling that went on on deadline day – probably really fucked up Ramos' plans.

  26. The Gaffer says:

    Excellent feedback chaps regarding how to turn Spurs around. I would sack Juande Ramos and put someone in charge who can inspire his team to win matches. I agree with one of the reader's opinions about Christian Bale. I'll write an article about that in the near future.

    Thanks for the kind words about the new addition to the Gaffer family.

    The Gaffer

  27. lsmetana says:

    I don't think sacking Ramos would really help at this point. The club has had a big overturn in personnel and its silly to expect them to gel immediately. This is not Football Manager where you can just buy players throw them together and have it all work wonderfully. Mind you, they probably should have left Jol in charge last season so it wouldn't surprise me if they did fire him. Jol, who supposedly didn't know what he was doing, has Hamburg top of the Budesliga. It's early days but clearly he's not as clueless as Spurs fans and management made him out to be. The fact that he lost his most creative player in Rafael Van der Vaart only underlines the good job he's done to start the season.

    Besides who do you bring in if you fire Ramos?

  28. Weston says:

    Christian Bale sure could help the situation…put Batman out on the wing and he'd wreak havoc!

  29. The Gaffer says:

    I keep on doing that! I have to stop :)

    The Gaffer

  30. spurs_fan_intheLBC says:

    I agree, sacking Ramos is not going to solve the personel problem. He has had great sucess before. He needs to have the backing of the club and it's supporters. This team needs stabilty.
    Look at the most consistantly succesful clubs in the EPL, ManU, Arsenal & Liverpool, they have stabilty at the manager position, and I'm sure input on who comes nad goes on their squads.
    Comolli is the problem. When Spurs needed a DM he buys Bent for a redicules amount. You think Frank Arsenen would have done that to Jol??

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