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Week 6 by the Numbers

0 – Number of wins by Frankfurt, the last remaining winless team
5 - Total number of shots by Gladbach in their 0-1 defeat to Hamburg
7 – Goals scored by Patrick Helmes this season, that’s equal to or more than 8 teams (Hertha, Köln, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Bochum, Cottbus, Frankfurt, and Gladbach)
8.06 – The average number of points the average Bundesliga squad has after the first 6 games of the season. Compare with EPL at 8.35 and 20 draws after six games vs. 28 in the Bundesliga
9 – Number of different goalscorers in the Bremen-Hoffenheim game. That’s quite an accomplishment
10 – Saves by Rene Adler to preserve Leverkusen’s 3-2 victory over Bochum, the most in a single game so far this season
12 – Corner kick differential favoring Bochum in their 2-3 loss to Leverkusen
14 - Minutes Christian Lell played before being substituted by Massimo Oddo
16 – Times Christoph Daum has earned at least a point in his 18 meetings against Schalke
36 – Minutes it took for the Bremen-Hoffenheim game to reach 6 goals, making it the highest scoring game of the week by halftime
54 – Time of Possession, in percentage, of the losing teams this week
1798 – Distance, in kilometers, of Madonna from Frankfurt on Matchday 6 (she was in Athens at the time)

3 Responses to Week 6 by the Numbers

  1. bryan says:

    I wish I had seen that Bremen game.

  2. DoublePivot says:

    Excellent #187 in the reasons Rene Adler can kick God, Buddha and Jackie Chan's ass! :P

  3. diana says:

    Not another Madonna reference again, Mark? And bryan, agreeing with you.

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