Poll: The Role Of Technology And Referees In Premier League Matches

In light of all of the mistakes by referees this past weekend, what are your feelings about introducing technology into games to help referees during important game-changing decisions?

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4 thoughts on “Poll: The Role Of Technology And Referees In Premier League Matches”

  1. Think it is time. Video Replay would not interrup t the flow of the match too much. Up until now, I have been against it, but the Reading no goal at Watford was rediculous. The game has just become too fast for one ref. Time to upgrade.

  2. Something about your web page upgrade is not translating text well into apps like Google Desktop Web Clips. All the apostrophes (for example) come across as an unrecognized character: ’ I have similar problems when I type in MS Word and then try to paste text into an email. The email apps don't recognize the special characters Word uses for dashes and apostrophes. You've got something like that happening here – most of the time it's a minor distraction, but occassionally (as in with this post), the summary text is unreadable. FYI in your quest for perfection (don't read as a nit-picky complaint).

  3. …ha! I had typed the character combination that Google displays for an apostrophe, and of course it appears as an apostrophe in my above post. What actually appears in Google Desktop Web Clips is this (just take out the spaces): & # 8 2 1 7 ;

    …which is distracting.

  4. I support use of video technology. What I'd like to see is an additional referee with access to video replay. That referee would not have decision making authority, but would have the ability to recommend to the head official that a play be reviewed, or provide input in the same way that a head official might appeal to his linesmen.

    One of the things many of us love about this sport is the importance of every single moment of the match. It rests on the escalating tension of a team looking for that one moment of exhilaration before time runs out. The other side to that, of course, is that every decision by a referee is crucial, more so than in most other sports. Mistakes by officials is just part of sport, but the stakes are too high here. Use of video technology will ensure that the players decide the match.

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