Breaking News: Joe Kinnear Named Newcastle Interim Manager


Newcastle United has named Joe Kinnear as their interim manager until the end of October.

Newcastle Executive Director Dennis Wise must have had his grubby hands involved in the appointment of Kinnear. The Irishman managed Wimbledon from 1992 to 1999. But while Kinnear never managed Wise at Wimbledon, there’s undoubtedly a close connection between him and Wise — and Newcastle fans won’t be satisfied with the appointment.

“The fans will be disappointed, I understand that, but I can’t do anything about it,” said Kinnear. “I will just be doing my very best because I am desperate to get back into the game. I will be going up to Newcastle on Monday and will pick the team from then. It is a big challenge but one I am really looking forward to.”

One thought on “Breaking News: Joe Kinnear Named Newcastle Interim Manager”

  1. Perhaps the fans won't like anyone connected with Wise, but I reckon Kinnear will do well. He consistently kept Wimbledon at a decent level in the League, despite working with a shoestring budget and one of the most talentless teams of the 90s. In fact, the year after he left, Wimbledon completely disintegrated.

    Wise has probably made a good choice.

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