Pavlyuchenko Gets The Wrong End Of The Stick From Ramos

roman pavlyuchenko Pavlyuchenko Gets The Wrong End Of The Stick From Ramos

New Spurs striker Roman Pavlyuchenko may face punishment from Tottenham because he’s not learning English quickly enough according to the Russian newspaper, Tvoi Den.

If the newspaper report is true, it’s a bit unfair on Pavlyuchenko. He’s only been with Spurs since September 1st and, in that time, he also played in Moscow for Russia aganst Wales. Plus, the criticism seems very hypocritical given that Juande Ramos is not learning English fast enough either.

The newspaper reports that Pavlyuchenko was substituted at halftime against Wigan because he wasn’t following the orders from Ramos because he didn’t understand a word that his manager had said in the pre-match team talk.

Sure, the sooner Pavlyuchenko learns English the better, but he’s only been with Spurs for just over three weeks. Ramos has been with Tottenham since October 27, 2007.

3 thoughts on “Pavlyuchenko Gets The Wrong End Of The Stick From Ramos”

  1. again a quality post…

    a team whose manager can't talk with the press because of a language barrier and throws out the assistant. and yet you spread this 'paper talk'

    and I hate Spuds, but again another quality post. keep the crap coming.

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