Serie A Team Of The Week – Week Three

The third week in Serie A witnessed two of the traditional Italian powers rise to where people are used to seeing them. Inter is in 1st, Juventus in 2nd. In the case of the Team Of The Week, they pulled themselves out of the relegation zone and displayed a hint of their potential. It was a tough choice between two teams based in the region of Lombardia but the TOW’s performance signaled to the rest of the Serie A that they are not aiming for 5th place.  That probably gave it away so without anymore babbling on my part, the winner of the Serie A Team Of The Week is:

Associazione Calcio Milan

AC Milan crest

The third week of Serie A Calcio saw what Il Rossoneri can do if all the talent they have comes together and attacks the goal.  They blasted previously unbeaten and 1st place, Lazio 4-1 at the San Siro.  It was a fantastic display of Kaka doing as he pleased on the pitch and Gattuso being his usual pest to the Lazio midfield. Goals by Seedorf, Zambrotta, Pato, and a golazo by Kaka sunk Rome’s other team.  Supporters of Milan have been dreaming of a display like this, especially at home.  Last year their home form cost them a Champions League spot.  A healthy Kaka and the infusion of new blood could save Ancelotti’s job and refocus Italy’s view on AC Milan as a threat to capture the Scudetto.  For their high scoring performance vs. Lazio, Associazione Calcio Milan beats out Inter and their 3-1 road win over Torino to claim the Serie A Team Of The Week.

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