Week Five by the Numbers

1 – Number of weeks Hamburg spent at the top of the table
2 – Number of 0-0 draws after five weeks
5 – Clean sheets, tied (alongside week 4) for the most in one week
8 – Minutes it took sub Jonas Kamper to score in Bielefeld’s 2-0 win over Köln
11 – The mean length of a goalscorer’s name this week and…
12 – Well, 12.03, the average length of a goalscorer’s name this week
28 – Minutes Valerien Ismael spent on the pitch before becoming the quickest player subbed this week
40 – About the time, in minutes, I spent gathering these figures
46 – Average minute in which a yellow was awarded this week
47 – Minutes needed for Patrick Helmes to score a hattrick, this season’s first
52 – Number of subs used (out of 54 possible). Only Schalke and Frankfurt did not use all three
64 – Percentage of possession Hamburg had in their 0-3 loss to Wolfsburg
373 – Number of minutes, not including added time, needed for Cottbus to score their first goal of the season against Bochum

4 thoughts on “Week Five by the Numbers”

  1. 52 is a really interesting number. I did a quick glance at England, which has an additional game per week. 5 teams didn't use the full allotment of subs, with Fulham using none. That is 7 less than max. And let's remember that poor H96 had a six man bench they were so banged up (they still used 3). So 53 out of 60 vs 52 out of 54. I tend to think substitutions are a sign of tactics at work. Some are injury or resting players during blowout, but most are trying to change shape.

    I like this new format. It's entertaining.

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