Serie A On TV Updated For Matchday Three

tvset serieatalk prostars closecut04 Serie A On TV Updated For Matchday Three

Serie A On TV has been updated for this week so check out the Match Day Three TV schedule.

Also, you’ll discover a new link to livesoccertv-channels which is an excellent website for American, Canadian and UK viewers for weekly scheduling of all football/soccer coverage as well as nationwide pub information and local competition information.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Matt has asked about Serie A TV on broadband, ” I want to see the Juventus/Cagliari game this weekend and was hoping it would be on there”

    I'm currently looking into what the story is with their website which is closed at the moment. Matt here are your options for Juventus v. Cagliari this weekend, TSN in Canada or ESPN 360 in the US.

    For further game listing see:

    The Bianconeri you really good by the way , Forza JUVE!

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