Poll: Fernando Torres Or Dimitar Berbatov? Your Pick

Who’s better, who’s better, who’s best?

<a href=”http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/929662/” >Who would you prefer to have on your team? Fernando Torres or Dimitar Berbatov?</a> <br /> <span style=”font-size:9px;”> (<a href=”http://www.polldaddy.com”> polls</a>)</span>

6 thoughts on “Poll: Fernando Torres Or Dimitar Berbatov? Your Pick”

  1. Umm tough one. I think technically Berbatov is far superior player. I dont really like saying a player suits a league cause a lot of factors come into it but Torres is definitely a better player for being in England. I think Berbatov is a more dynamic footballer, he can play up the pitch and be creative, he can play that slide rule pass or the delicate ball for his strike partner. But Torres does offer a real fear when he drives at players, i dont think close control or dribbling is his greatest strength but his pace just takes him a yard from a player.

  2. This is not even close. Torres is pacier and gives his all, and has a better eye for goal. There are a lot of strikers better than the Big Sulk, though not many classier.

  3. Torres is by far a better player. Berbatov is good but Torres does everything. Now that Berbatov is with Man Utd, I believe he can become a stronger player than when he was with Spurs.

  4. I think it is a bit strange that Berbatov of all possible strikers have been put up against Torres.

    Of the Premiership you have Drogba (at his best), Rooney + maybe Tevez and Adebayor (at his absolute best) who all after my opinion are better than Berbatov.

    But this duel is about Torres vs. Berbatov.

    Torres is the most complete striker you will see these days. He has enormous acceleration and very good pace, best finisher in the business, very good dribbling and excellent ball control. He lacks a bit on positioning himself as you can see when he plays alongside another striker, like Villa in the Spain national team. Everybody who see them playing alongside each other, thinks that Villa is far, far better than Torres, but you all saw what Torres did in the EC-final against Germany. I seriously doubt that Villa could have done the same alone on top for Spain, as he is used to play alongside another striker.

    Berbatov has probably the best ball control I have ever seen in a striker, but has very poor work rate, and often are unaware of possible goal opportunities, and can also at times be very unstabile when it comes to finishing. But he has great positioning and if he gets more of a team player, he can get a real offensive weapon for United next season.

    Berbatov is good, no doubt about it, but Torres is the best striker in the world and I think it is a bit unfair towards Berbatov to get compared to Torres when he (Berbatov) has not even been a first team choice for United so far in his time there.

    The striker in the Premiership I would rather see being compared to Torres, is Rooney. Even though Rooney has not proven himself as a regular goalscorer, he has a chance at it now when Ronaldo and Tevez are gone and many sees that (Torres vs. Rooney) as the star duel before this season.

    My tip for the Golden Boot this season (if everyone on the list keeps themselves free from injury) is this (top 5):

    1. Torres (30-35 gls)
    2. Drogba (20-25 gls)
    3. Rooney (20-23 gls)
    4. Defoe/Gerrard/Lampard (15-17)
    5. Davies/Tevez/Adebayor/Robinho/Kuyt (13-15 gls)

    MAYBE, just maybe Rooney can reach Torres’ level in 3-4 years time, but he has to work extremely hard if that shall happen.

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