17 thoughts on “Poll: How Does The NFL Affect Your Premier League TV Viewing Habits?”

  1. First, I only have Fox Soccer….but, for me, the NFL isn't what causes problems watching EPL. FSC shows their Sunday game at 11am eastern and NFL games don't start until 1pm.

    What causes me problems are FSC's 2 Saturday games and the fact that while I really enjoy EPL…I LOVE college football. I usually don't get “into” EPL play big-time until January after the college football season.

    Don't know if that answers your question or not, but that's the issue for me.

  2. The only issue is that pubs that have Setanta also show NFL games and you are usually stuck watching some tiny TV in the corner of the pub surrounded by fat Americans who think they can play in the NFL.

  3. I have no problem because I do not watch ANY NFL games or College Football games.
    This is a football only house…and I mean real football, not ThrowBall

  4. I actually watch a little less of the NFL not so much due to the EPL itself but that thanks in part to this community and the growing interest in soccer in the US, I am watching more MLS and International matches. So, after my home town team the Chicago Bears have played I am likely to watch a tape of an EPL game I couldn't see live or when FSC delays the game to odd hours like last week.

  5. Since coming to the US of A I have not followed American Football- I don't watch the NFL- even during the Super Bowl, and I get to watch the Super Bowl ads early thanks to my wife's web/marketing access. I would rather wait four years for the world to stop and focus on one grand tournament- the former Jules Rimet Cup.

  6. I don't know if started because I got into the EPL, or it was going to happen anyway, but the NFL has become borderline unwatchable to me. I have to tivo every game so I can fast forward through the myriad commercials. Give me a nonstop, tactical EPL game any day of the week over a 3.5 hour NFL game. Don't get me wrong, I watch the NFL and follow it and support the Eagles, but it will never again compare to watching a true football match. I have definitely watched less NFL and that is perfectly ok with me.

  7. One thing that really is a plus for Soccer is the running clock. American sports drag on and on with so many time stopages to accomodate TV ads. Being able to know that a game is done in 2 hours flat is a big plus as everyones days are more and more taken up with other sporting events.

  8. NFL has absolutely no impact on my football watching habits. On a Sunday late afternoon, I sit back and enjoy a Primera game on Gol TV, usually Barca or Real(the Numancia 4:3 game was a beauty). And, honestly, this past weekend was one of the best Premier League weeks in a while, certainly the best so far this season. NFL? You're kidding, right?
    ps: Let us write to FSC and make them start the Chelsea-United game LIVE this time, and by LIVE I mean 11:00am sharp, and not with the extremely annoying 4-5 minute delay!!!

  9. I record any Florida State college throwball games and watch them using the 30 second skip button to avoid watching endless replays/huddles/commercials. I can watch the game in less than half an hour.

    The NTL does not affect my viewing of EPL matches. I rarely pay attention to professional throwball, and when I do, it's usually to complain that the Falcons are an embarrassment. The odd viewing times of the EPL on both FSC & Setanta do affect my viewing, but I'll record them and watch them as soon as possible. My wife knows not to complain if we get home from church on Sunday and I go straight to the DVR to watch a match.

  10. I follow Arsenal and Texans. I love the EPL and the NFL. There is hardly any conflicting schedules, so I get to follow both. Although the girlfriend hates weekends cos she doesn’t get all the attention she wants.

    1. Agreed totally HubGunner, I still love college football but after watching weekends like the last one, it gets harder and harder to care about american sports.

    2. You make a great point. I grew up loving the NFL but something about it changed and I stopped liking it as much. I still love college football, but the NFL is not that appealing. I know I am in the minority, especially here in Dallas where the Cowboys reign supreme.

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