Championship Fixtures 16-17 September

16 September

Barnsley (L-W-L-L-L) v Cardiff City (D-D-D-D-W)

Bristol City (D-D-W-D-W) v Birmingham ( W-D-W-W-W)

Burnely ( W-D-D-L-L) v Blackpool (W-W-L-D-L)

Doncaster ( L-W-L-D-W) v Charlton (L-L-W-L-W)

Preston NE ( D-W-D-W-W) v Nottingham Forest ( L-L-W-L-D)

Sheffield Untied (L-D-W-W-L) v Coventry City ( D-L-L-W-W)

Swansea City ( L-D-W-W-L) v Derby County (W-L-L-D-L)

Watford ( L-W-L-W-D) v Plymouth ( L-D-L-L-D)

Wolves ( W-W-W-W-D) v Crystal Palace ( W-L-D-L-D)

Reading ( L-W-L-W-D) v Sheffield United (L-D-D-L-W)

17 September

Southampton (L-L-W-L-L) v Ipswich ( W-L-L-W-L)

Norwich ( W-D-D-D-L) v QPR (W-D-W-L-W)

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