Week 2 Fixture


Barcelona    1 -1     Racing                                                                              

BAR:  Messi (71′-pk) 

 RAC:  Jonathan Pereira (77′)   


 Valladolid    2 -1     Atlético                 

  VAL: Dorado (3′), Baraja (27′)  

  ATM: Agüero (55′) 


Sevilla     4-3     Sporting             

  SEV: Chevantón (21′), Kanouté (35′, 60′), Maresca (36′)  

  SPO:  Bilic (17′, 19′, 35′)



Mallorca     1-1     Osasuna                                       

MLL: Aduriz (16′)  

OSA:  Portillo (85′)  


Villarreal     1-0     Deportivo          

 VIL: Cazorla (26′)


Getafe        0 -0     Betis


Recreativo    0 -1     Espanyol                                        

  ESP: Luis García (84′)


Málaga     0-0     Athletic


Real Madrid    4 -3     Numancia                                              

  MAD: Guti (18′), Higuaín (25′), Van der Vaart (33′), Cisma (39′)  

 NUM: Moreno (6′, 57′), Barkero (21′)


Almería     2-2     Valencia          

ALM:Piatti (19′), Negredo (39′)    

VAL: Alexis (34′), Villa (69′)

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4 Responses to Week 2 Fixture

  1. simonharris says:

    We're suffering from another one of our typical bouts of lack of self-confidence here in Barcelona. The team simply didn't gel against Numancia. We didn't lose because of lack of effort but because of technical flaws – the positioning was all over the place, for God's sake. This worries me. Because Racing are no pushover. They finished sixth last year and are playing UEFA this year. Well done, Racing – that's what I say. You deserve our utmost respect.

  2. simonharris says:

    Barça 1 Racing 1. A depressing result and a poor performance. But things made a lot more sense than against Numancia. So I´m disappointed but there are reasons for optimism.

    Valldolid 2 Atlético 1 A reshuffle at the top of the table then

    I'm watching Sevilla v Sporting at the moment. Sevilla really should come away with the points.

  3. simonharris says:

    I take it all back! 0-2, 3-2 and now 3-3 at half-time. Sevilla – Sporting – could go either way!

  4. simonharris says:

    RM 4 Numancia 3. What a shame! A heroic performance from humble Numancia. Lastima!

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