Liverpool Manchester United Video Highlights

ryan_babel.jpgLiverpool certainly raised their game today with a historic 2-1 win against arch rivals Manchester United in an entertaining game. Watch the video highlights of the goals here.

It was an impressive team performance from Liverpool who definitely seemed more up for the game than a Manchester United side that seemed lethargic and on the backfoot at times, especially in the second half.

Albert Riera put in an very credible debut performance on the left wing for the Reds. Based on how he played today as well as how remarkable Ryan Babel was when he came on to replace Riera, Liverpool looks to have finally solved their weaknesses on the left wing.

What’s important for Liverpool FC is that they continue to put in spirited performances like this week-in, week-out. Boosted by a deserved win against Manchester United, the Reds have an opportunity now to push ahead of United in the league table and need to maintain a winning record to put the pressure on Sir Alex Ferguson’s side.

What are your thoughts from today’s game? How do you explain Manchester United’s weak performance today, especially in the second half? And should Javier Mascherano be knighted? Share your thoughts below by clicking the comments link.

5 thoughts on “Liverpool Manchester United Video Highlights”

  1. Overall a pleasantly surprising game.

    Liverpool played great. They outran, out-hussled United all over the pitch, and played like they wanted to win. A great confidence booster for the team, given they played without Torres and without Gerrard for most of the game.

    United look horrible. Berbatov was nowhere to be seen apart from setting up Tevez. The defense looked sluggish; maybe it was playing from hard fought internationals? Vidic's red card was rather foolish. I also think that United have had so much success recently against Liverpool, maybe they thought that this would be more or less a walk in the park for them. And when they fought back, United never had an answer. Granted, I think Liverpool's goals could've easily been prevented. Van de saar needs to avoid punching the ball to players' feet to avoid conceding goals. For the 2nd goal, Giggs was thoroghly beaten by Mascherano near the goal, and could've just played it out for a corner, but didn't. Just wasn't their day today.

    I agree that Liverpool need to carry this sort of play on a consistent. The real test will be around winter time, when they usually just fall behind the pack. They need to show that they're more than just an English AC Milan; good in Europe, pitiful in domestic play.

    United are reportedly going to get back Ronaldo for the CL this week. With all this offense on the team (Berbatov, Tevez, Rooney plus Ronaldo), anyone think they're going to have trouble playing together?

  2. Riera and Babel definitely solve some width issues for Liverpool, but I'm more impressed by Riera's striking resemblance to a combo of Glen Quagmire and Andy from Weeds.

    Today was a team performance from the Reds. They had less talent but much more hunger. The best word I can use is “dogged.” They were all over ManU — the won the challenges, they won the ball, and usually that spells winning the match. Tackles were brilliant, they controlled the middle of the pitch (Xabi and Masch were everywhere) and they absolutely brought the house today. They brought a gun to a knife fight, whereas I'm so used to saying the opposite.

    Kuyt is owed an apology by many many folks. He was all grit today. He may have missed a couple of easy chances, but they don't win without his performance today.

    As for ManU, they just let up after 10 minutes. Totally went missing. Berbatov had his hands on his hips (and knee) for the last 75 minutes. Their shape was disgusting. Utterly pitiful performance from the supposed champs.

  3. nothing supposed about it, we are the champs and one game in september doesnt change that. we were outplayed today, but its not something i would get used to seeing. united is still recovering from a serious injury crisis…try and learn a lesson from seasons passed and lets see where united are come march or april.

  4. Liverpool deserved to win at the end of the day
    As a long seasoned Man Utd supporter I have become accustomed to these “blips” where we play poorly and then go on a run of 7 or 8 winning games and start to put some daylight between ourselves and the rest of the pack
    The problem with Pool's win is that they usually go on and struggle to nail down a good run of games after the fact…Let's revisit this in mid november and look back at what transpired
    As I said though, the Pool fully deserved to get the 3 points yesterday…but I have faith that United will start to get into the swing of things over the next 4 league and champions league games

  5. manchester united is a good football club which is shining all over the world and is likly to break the records of liverpool if sir alex fuguson stay with manchester club

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