Heinze Gone From Albiceleste?

Gabriel Heinze’s days with the Argentine national team could be numbered after his fallout with Alfio Basile.

His dreadful performance against Paraguay, his horrid own goal and his reaction to be subbed in favor of Getafe’s Daniel Díaz will most likely leave him out of the upcoming call up that will occur in October.  Heinze’s actions afterwards were just a microcosm of the relationship between coach and team.

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” Ask (the coach) why he did it.”  He then confronted Basile in the dressing room after the match about the subsitution.

That was the answer he gave the Argentine press after his substitution.    This type of indirect challenge to authority led to Heinze not even being in the list of players that were going to participate in the match against Peru in Lima.  The Real Madrid has even insinuated that he will retire from international play in order to avoid dealing with the criticisms from the media  as well as having to deal with Basile while he is coach of the national side.

Heinze’s actions along with Carlos Tévez second sending off in four matches will have them probably watching the games against Uruguay and Chile from Europe.   That, in addtion to his actions during the Paraguay match when left the dressing room might have pink slipped the Manchester United star, too.  But the problem is deeper than just these two players.  There is something much greater than having the best talent in the world.     Sources in Argentina are now looking at the possibility of calling up young Real Betis defender Fabián Monzón over the out of favor Madrid back.   While Hernán Crespo mentions that he is “dying for a shot to play” for the Albiceleste.

On one end you have the Boca clique led by Riquelme and Battaglia.  “Cambiasso and Zanetti on one end.  Then there is the Gago and Zabaleta group that scream for playing time,” These are two of the players that seem to have shown that the team is quite divided and that Alfio Basile has lost the team.  The team is divided into cliques now and that could mean a great deal of problems for the team in the coming months.

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