CONCACAF: The State of Play

Mexico is reasserting itself as the dominant CONCACAF power. Last night’s 2-1 win over Canada in Chiapas saw Mexico once again mix the old and the new as far as player selection. Honduras beat Jamaica at home and finally the Hondurans who have for years been talented enough to break through in a weak region appear ready to do so. Costa Rica continues dominate a weak group winning at Haiti while Suriname was beaten at home by resurgent El Salvador. Memo to the USSF: in the hexaganol, do NOT PLAY EL SALVADOR OR HONDURAS AT RFK STADIUM.

Anyhow, here is my thinking as to the rankings of CONCACAF’s top five national teams right now. Note Jamaica is unlikely to advance to the hexagonal while Costa Rica is one point away from clinching a spot in the next round.

1- Mexico

2- USA

3- Honduras

4- Jamaica

5- Costa Rica

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