Setanta UK To Offer Its Own Free-To-Air Highlight Program Of Croatia-England

The Guardian is reporting that Setanta Sports in the United Kingdom has reached a series of deals with several television providers to go unencrypted and offer its own highlight program for tonight’s match between Croatia and England.  The program starts at 10:45 PM British time, and will feature highlights of both the England match and Scotland’s World Cup qualifier with Iceland.

 Setanta UK To Offer Its Own Free To Air Highlight Program Of Croatia England

This comes after Setanta rejected several last-hour deals for the highlights, including a 500,000 pound offer from FA broadcast contract partner ITV.  Setanta said that none of the offers made by free-to-air broadcasters reflected the value of the network’s investment to obtain the rights.  Free-to-air broadcasters had previously accused Setanta of putting an overly high price tag (1 million pounds) on the highlights.  The impasse resulted in no highlights being made available free-to-air in the UK for this past Satuday’s match against Andorra.

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