Roma’s Aquilani Joins Forces With Nike

nikelive 01 Romas Aquilani Joins Forces With Nike

Last month Serie A Talk kept you up-to-date on the evolution of with the article, The Fabio Cannavaro Show  , this time round we’ve got some video adverts with several of Serie A’s top stars.

The Next Addition of Nike’s “Take It To the Next Level” Series, Mr. Alberto Aquilani.

alberto aquilani 01 reuters Romas Aquilani Joins Forces With Nike Alberto Aquilani well-known in Serie A for the strength and distance of his kicks, is a talent Nike hopes to utilize in their current 2008-2009 television adverts.

 The following video has the Roma midfielder kicking a Nike Total 90 Omni match ball into increasingly difficult targets such as: fruit, a Ming vase, widescreen TV, wedding cake, and finally an ice hockey goalie.


Tomorrow we’ll Take It to the Next Level with AC Milan’s midfield maestro, Andrea Pirlo.

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