Premier League More Entertaining Than Reality TV


If reality TV executives are looking for the next smash hit, they should consider Premier League football.

Consider the real world drama that happened this week alone. There was Fergie picking up Berbatov in his Bentley under the noses of Man City’s executives. In Newcastle, there was the two-day boardroom drama involving Keegan, his lawyers and the Toon executives. At Upton Park, a real-life episode of Eastenders was being played out as Curbishley delivered his words of resignation with a cockney accent.

And then there was the cliffhanger, the point in the show where viewers were on tenterhooks with the bombshell that one of the richest families in the world had purchased the unfashionable Manchester City.Without a doubt, the Premier League has become the most entertaining soap opera there is. There are so many plotlines, characters that we love to hate and secretly admire. And the amazing is that we’ve only just finished gameweek three. We have thirty five more to go.

While the drama off the pitch has generated a sea of emotions — from anger to disbelief and everything in between — the Premier League clubs need to ensure that the focus returns to the place it truly should be, on the pitch. We’ve had three entertaining weekends thus far, but we haven’t seen a classic match that has left us speechless. Let’s hope it happens sooner rather than later.


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