Keegan Resigns Officially

Literally in the last few minutes, the BBC are reporting that Keegan has resigned due to the football structure of Newcastle United. He feels that his position has been completely undermined by Dennis Wise and Tony Jiminez.

A hastily released statement by Keegan pointedly clarifies that his position has become untenable due to pressure put on him by other people at the club telling him who he could sign and allegedly pick for the team. He wishes Newcastle United all the best in the future but felt that he simply could not carry on any further.  The statement reads “I’ve been working desperately hard to find a way forward with the directors, but sadly that has not proved possible.” “It is my opinion that a manager must have the right to manage and the club should not impose upon any manager any player he does not want.”

It’s hard to feel any sympathy for the board and owners of Newcastle United, they’ve brought this situation entirely upon themselves by creating a situation that was simply unworkable, Quite why Wise and Jiminez are in positions of such power in a Premiership football club is beyond me. Mike Ashley has completely misread the situation and I would expect St James Park to be swamped by hundreds of angry Toon fans as we speak. This is a PR disaster of gigantic proportions and I think Ashley and Co are now facing an open revolt from fans, the only bonus to the situation is that the club do not have a league game until the 13th of September. Anyone with an ounce of football knowledge would know that the one person the club could not afford to lose was Keegan and Ashley would be wise to stay as far away as possible from the ground.

It’s becoming a more commonplace situation when people with no knowledge of the game surround themselves with people who have no feeling for the fans or the club’s history and feel they can make footballing decisions with no experience at all. I saw some postings on various websites in the period between Tuesday and today, blaming bored men who play too much Football Manager and think that it’s easy to run a football club. I think if we’ve learnt anything over the last 72 hours, it clearly isn’t and requires time, patience and understanding unless you have no idea what you are doing. The other crazy thing about this situation is the Geordies hate figure, Dennis Wise is expected to take temporary charge for the next league. Where do they go from here? Chris Waddle doesn’t believe the fans will boycott the team and thinks they’ll forget about keegan if Wise wins three games on the trot, which I honestly cannot see at all.

It’s going to be a long night in Newcastle for the Newcastle board and owner.

6 thoughts on “Keegan Resigns Officially”

  1. what a bad news to start my day (4.30am in australia now)?! Shame on you MA!!! we’ll never forgive u!!! wise – don’t u ever think that u now have the last laugh!!! bus***d!!!

  2. Mike Ashley = complete T*SSER
    Dennis Wise is as thick as S***
    Noone, wants Wise in as manager, and if he does manage to get in as manager then it will be a complete farcicle! After hearing this news I decided to ask for a refund of my season ticket.

  3. Newcastle United Boycott:

    It is time for the Toon Army to march into battle.

    OK, we may not be able to get King Kev back – that is a deeply distressing fact.

    But we can – as a group – show Mike Ashley exactly how we feel.

    We play Hull on September 15.

    We can use that match to attack Ashley, Llambias and Wise on two fronts, one which will hit them in the pocket and the other which will get national publicity on news and sports channels all over the world.

    The first front: If you haven’t yet got a ticket to the match, DO NOT buy one. You’ll miss the match, but you’ll be able to be outside the ground to chant your protest.

    The second front:
    If you HAVE got a ticket, or hold a season ticket, USE IT!

    Be in your seat at five minutes to three. When the referee blows his whistle to start the match, stand up and leave!

    Again, you’ll miss the mjatch, but no news channel worth it’s salt will be willing to ignore a mass walk-out by the Toon army.

    DO post comments here

    John L

  4. John:
    I have to agree wholeheartedly with your comments. A peaceful walk out will leave the club’s board in no doubt at the level of feeling you guys have for the situation.
    Good luck with your protest and remember to keep it peaceful, it will say far more about you and the rest of the Geordie Nation than any angry scenes.

  5. Yeah its terrible for PR, but it doesnt go far beyond that. The barcodes have a good squad this year and I dont see it being a detriment to their play.

    Give it a week or two and itll be fine…

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