FIFA 09 Preview

FIFA 09 Preview? We’ve got it here including the official preview, a trailer from EA featuring Maurice Edu and a couple of fan videos showing actual gameplay.


Electronic Arts must hate the August transfer window. With their FIFA series being released in early September, EA has no time to include the latest big signings such as Robinho and Berbatov. Thankfully updates should take care of the transfer switches.

FIFA 09 is scheduled for release in Europe on October 3, 2008 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The North America release date is October 14.

The commentators featured in the English-speaking versions will include Martin Tyler and Andy Gray.

14 thoughts on “FIFA 09 Preview”

  1. 50 is right…it doesn’t come out till October. In the past it has, for the most part, included transfers that occurred in August.

  2. Sorry Gaffer, that second video is FIFA 08. It’s not a trailer from EA, it’s some twat doing a poor voice-over and scoring two free kicks with Lampard. Typing in “FIFA 09” on You Tube doesn’t always give you great results, eh? And the others are right, it’s not early September, it’s October 3rd most places in Europe and October 14th stateside. September 11th is the demo date for XBOX 360 and PS3, though, so there’s that…

  3. Errr…which Pro Evo are you referring to Simon? Surely not 2008…if you say 5 or maybe even 6 I might agree, but last year’s was crap.

  4. Last years was fine on PC, I am hoping to pick up the Xbox 360 version this year if its any good. Pro Ev feels much more real than Fifa , though I loved Fifa 99, best gameplay it ever produced.

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