Alan Curbishley Resigns As West Ham United Manager


Alan Curbishley has handed in his resignation as manager of West Ham United. In a statement released by the club, West Ham confirms it has accepted the resignation, and has not yet announced any plans for a successor.

Curbishley became manager of the club in December 2006, several months after leaving his long-time job at Charlton Athletic.  During his time as manager, he lead West Ham out of relegation in the 2006/07 season with wins in seven of the team’s last nine Premier League matches, and finished tenth in the league the following season.  West Ham won two of its first three matches to start the current season, but Curbishley was reportedly upset at the team’s transfer policy.  West Ham sold Anton Ferdinand and George McCartney last month to fellow Premier League side Sunderland, but was otherwise mostly inactive during the summer transfer window. West Ham’s next league match is September 13th against West Bromwich Albion.

5 thoughts on “Alan Curbishley Resigns As West Ham United Manager”

  1. I don’t blame Curbs for resigning. After Ferdinand and McCartney were sold to Sunderland and no adequate cover was brought in, how is he expected to win matches?

    It’s not as if the expectations from the Hammers fans would have been lowered. They would have still expected the same top half finish.

    In the back of his mind, Curbs probably knew he would end up being sacked in a few weeks time if the team slumped to more defeats, so resigning now was the best thing he could do. It saves him the embarrassment of being sacked and increases his chances of getting another manager’s job in the near future.

    The Gaffer

  2. Odd goings on at West Ham to be sure. They’ve let three defenders go and brought in no one experienced/proven. Behrami can play as a full-back and Hérita Ilunga has played internationally for Congo but still a bit thin of cover at the back.

    Their technical director, Gianluca Nani, has said they needed to trim the squad down (close to 40 players in the squad) but I had thought they would cull numbers from the FW/MF area as they have way too many fringe players like Nigel Quashie, Lee Bowyer and a number of youth players that could be loaned out.

  3. By resigning though you dont get your massive payoff which is why most managers hang on forever… until the axe. God knows whats going on at Newcastle, i assume Ashley is trying to worm out of paying Keegan.

  4. Yeah, sad to see. Seems like the leadership at WH are happy being perennial 12-17 finishers.

    While every other team in the league was bringing in talent, WH sat on the sideline and sold players that Curbishley needed on the pitch. I don’t see them making any effort to improve, and I think Curbs did the right thing in walking away…

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