BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Keegan Is Close To Leaving Newcastle

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Sources close to Newcastle have revealed that Kevin Keegan is currently having crisis talks with the board and is close to leaving the Northern club due to a lack of control, especially over transfers.

Reportedly Keegan, 56, had an argument over the future of  midfielder, Joey Barton, and this was the tipping point for him. According to sources close to the club Keegan’s relationship with the board has been steadily deteriorating during the past months.

Keegan has become something of a cult hero on Tyneside; after his dramatic return in January he was branded as “The Messiah”.

Some sources have claimed that Keegan has already left the club.

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3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Kevin Keegan Is Close To Leaving Newcastle”

  1. Sacked according to latest reports – granted I think he was wrong to hang on to Barton but Barton didnt want to leave and Keegan has to play someone in midfield, you cant get rid of all your players and not replace them. Football will be poorer for his absence. When you see that fool Ashley downing that pint at the Emirates you cant help but think what a poor image that presents of the club. I like Keegan , always have, always will.

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