Real Madrid Accepts Manchester City £32.5 Million Bid For Robinho

robinho-joins-manchester-city.jpgMarca, the daily Spanish sports newspaper, is reporting that Real Madrid has accepted a £32.5 million bid for Robinho. The audacious bid by new Man City owners Abu Dhabi United Group was made at the last minute, and now we await whether Chelsea is willing to match or exceed the bid with less than 90 minutes remaining in the transfer window.

By the time the transfer window closes, it’s possible that Man City may have secured the transfer signings of Dimitar Berbatov, Robinho, Mario Gomez and David Villa.

Manchester City has increased its bid for David Villa, but according to Valencia, they have no interest in selling the player. Let’s see if that changes by 7pm ET/midnight UK time tonight.

4 thoughts on “Real Madrid Accepts Manchester City £32.5 Million Bid For Robinho”

  1. What gives foreigners the right to use English football as its plaything? This gives man city a huge and unfair advantage.

  2. Man City are runaway winners in the transfer derby.

    Robinho, Wright-Phillips already with a big impact, maybe Berbatov, trying to get Villa, unbelievable.

    If Man City aren’t in the top 6 then this is a gigantic failure.

    Well done to the Citizens, because all the stars must stay away from Chelsea. 😀 😀

  3. Robinho is so unbelievably overpriced at 32Mil…he was worth probably 13mil at most.

    Amazing nonetheless. One hell of a transfer deadline day.

  4. Wow! What a day. The EPL has changed for the better. We now have several games of the week. We have to wait two weeks. Darn! I’d say worse in person.

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