Man United Website Features Berbatov As New First Team Player


Manchester United’s website has Dimitar Berbatov featured as one of its first-team players (see above screenshot). While a final decision has yet to be announced regarding whether Berbatov will join Man United, Manchester City or Real Madrid, the webmaster at either knows something we don’t or is working ahead of time to ensure that once the decision is made public, that the website is updated.

View Berbatov’s first-team profile for Man United here. Thanks to TimmyG for the tip regarding this story.

11 thoughts on “Man United Website Features Berbatov As New First Team Player”

  1. Good call Hudson, it’s kind of obvious fake and saying that the page is “featured” on their website is a bit of an overstatement in the article – seeing as its not actual linked to in anyway n all.

  2. Yeah, and Fernando Ricksen here:{FE60904B-C2A8-4E60-9B05-700DBBC29BBC}&section=playerProfile&teamid=458&bioid=93403

    And I don’t recall them ever having and interest in signing him… also if you bother to decrement the final number a few times you’ll notice a vast number of russian/aisian players… one of whome apparently wears the number 11… can’t imagine Giggsy will be off to be replaced by an unknown with no notice tonight… can you?!


  3. Gaffer,

    Don’t get me wrong… I think the deal WILL go through tonight… but I do get the impression that someone’s just done exactly what I did for 5 minutes and searched, manually, through all of the holding pages for player profiles. You’ll notice that the one from the screen-shot is not filled in, much like the other blanks noted above… It’s a holding page, right now, and not directly linked. I’m not saying that won’t change in 2 hours time of course.


  4. yeah this has been used on message boards a few times…if you change the numbers at the end all sorts of different names come up. its actually quite funny

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