GolTV Tells Dish Network Customers To Switch


DISH customers can practically kiss their chances goodbye of seeing GolTV back on their satellite provider.

The 24/7 soccer network says that it doesn’t see any compromise with DISH being reached in the near future and is recommending that DISH customers select an alternate source such as DirecTV.

On August 1st, DISH Network dumped GolTV from its lineup after a contract dispute. DISH Network wanted to reduce the amount of money it paid GolTV based on the per subscriber fee. GolTV rightly balked, but due to no agreement being made, the network is still not available on the satellite provider.

Between August 1st and now, plenty of soccer fans nationwide have cancelled their DISH Network subscriptions and signed up with DirecTV instead. Now that both the new La Liga and Bundesliga seasons have kicked off, expect more DISH customers to make the switch to DirecTV.

GolTV leaves open the possibility of a deal being reached with DISH Network to bring the network back to its lineup, but the ball seems to be in DISH’s court. By the time an agreement is reached, if any, the concern will be that the die-hard soccer fans will have already left the network.

15 thoughts on “GolTV Tells Dish Network Customers To Switch”

  1. Wow! I really have to eat crow on this one, I counseled patience, suspecting that this would be resolved shortly.

    What a hassle for Dish subscribers!

  2. the problem for me is that dish has international
    chaneles that direct tv doesnt have,since i am
    from israel the only thing that keep me with dish
    is the israeli chanel,i hope that people will write
    and complain so that goltv wil come back.

  3. Between August 1st and now, plenty of soccer fans nationwide have cancelled their DISH Network subscriptions and signed up with DirecTV instead..

    What all four of you???

  4. Will, you smart arse ; )

    I’ve received a ton of e-mails from frustrated GolTV viewers who were on Dish but have now switched to DirecTV.

    Feel free to read the message boards on BigSoccer.com to see how many more people are upset about the whole deal and have switched too.

    The Gaffer

  5. Yeah, same reasoning for me on balking on Dish…I finally moved into an area where satellite was possible and I’m back to Comcast until the GolTV thing gets resolved…Else, it’s Direct TV for me

  6. GOLTV was added to the Spanish Tier of service for Brighthouse Cable System which used to be a Time Warner Company. I called the help line to ask if it was going to also be added to the Sports Tier which I am a current customer of since the programming is in English and not Spanish and she wasn't even aware that GOL was even on the cable system. I decided to bite the bullet and pay the extra 3 bucks a month to see Real Madrid and Barca games and if it is added to the Sports Tier I will call and cancel the Spanish service. Now I just have to remember channel 913.

  7. Spencir, Kartik from the Major League Soccer Talk Podcast interviewed Enzo Francescoli – the owner of GolTV – a few weeks ago and said that there is no deal on the horizon, but they continue to have business discussions.

    The Gaffer

  8. I swithced to DirectTV for this reason. Nine months later I’m going back to Dish!!!! I love the LA LIGA but I can catch games online. It isn’t worth the crapy technology from DirecTV. 4 HD DVR Receivers in 9 months. 1 being bad – bad luck. 2 – just a coinicident. But 4????? Come on!!! I was with Dish for 4 years and not a single problem with my programming or service or receivers. Infact the only issue I had with them was the removal of GolTV. It’s hard. But my family is upset with me for changing in the first place. Now I’m eating crow and going back to Dish.

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