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How Chelsea Ruined Shaun Wright-Phillips

shaun wright phillips How Chelsea Ruined Shaun Wright Phillips

The way Chelsea Football Club ruined Shaun Wright-Phillips is a travesty.

Go back in time to 2005 and the dimunitive winger was tearing down the right wing at the City Of Manchester Stadium. The player was such a joy to watch as he took on players and went on mazy runs often beating two or three opponents. His form at the time was simply spectacular and I was recommending that he be selected for the 2006 World Cup team and to start instead of David Beckham.

Three years later, Wright-Phillips has returned to Manchester City after mostly sitting on the bench at Chelsea for three years. The player got few starts. After not playing for so long, it was obvious that the confidence he had at City and the speed down the right wings had disappeared.

Reportedly one of the main reasons Chelsea bought Wright-Phillips in the first place was to prevent the winger from joining Liverpool, who would have obviously benefitted immensely from a player of his calibre. Instead, one year later, Liverpool signed Jermaine Pennant, a poor man’s version of Wright-Phillips.

Now that the winger is back at Manchester City, I really hope the player can regain his form and get a consistent amount of appearances under his belt as well as getting back into the England squad. Wright-Phillips has a lot to prove and hopefully, under Mark Hughes’s tutelage, the winger can improve the one part of the game he continually is weak in: putting in that killer cross.

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14 Responses to How Chelsea Ruined Shaun Wright-Phillips

  1. dkw says:

    in that case, can we also say that liverpool ruined pennant? or are you only able to spout rubbish about chelsea.

  2. ted says:

    SWP had more than enough chances at Chelsea and simply was not good enough. Maybe if you watched football instead of spending time with your head up your arse you’d realise this.

  3. Norman says:

    I hope things work out for SWP, good player but not quite good enough when compared to the competition. Do you really believe that any club would buy a player just to prevent him joining another club? Honestly!

  4. Stan Streason says:

    What piffle.

    SWP had lots of chances and one game against West Ham aside he did not turn the game in any of them, which is not something you would expect for someone supposedly so talented.

    At Man City the opposition think they are in with a chance, defend relatively high up the pitch leaving the big spaces behind that SWP made the most of with his pace.

    Against Chelsea, teams defend deep cutting out that space. SWP cannot swerve and dribble, he knocks the ball and runs past, a bit of a problem when you start at the 18 yard line rather than the halfway line.

    At Man City coming from halfway he was able to cut in and shoot, at Chelsea being out wide we all discovered that he cannot cross a ball.

    Sorry, good player in a mid table team but not an exceptional talent for a top 4 team.

  5. cfc says:

    These retards will blame Chelsea for Russia invading Georgia, the credit crunch and the fact that Munure and the dippers are not allowed to enter the boat race each year.

  6. ctid80 says:

    wright-phillips needs to be in a team that use width to attack. Chelsea attack through the middle and swp is a winger not a wide midfielder. Watch him this year at city and you will see that he is as good as ever !! Chelsea under mourinho were one dimentional – long ball to drogba knock down for lampard and he shoots and drogba gets the rebound wrighty just needs to be told to attack and run at them. Him and petrov will be lethal. I seem to remember him scoring against chelsea, united, liverpool @ city, simply because he was allowed to express his undoubted ability.

  7. pete says:

    SWP made over 100 appearances scoring 10 goals, he won a prem, league cup and FA cup winners medals ( the only ones in his career) and earned £55k per week. So of course you are right he was ruined by Chelsea, just like all the other players they buy just to ruin.

    SWP will play very well for City and will probably be their player of the year, that’s why they won’t win anything and it’s why England won’t either.

    Lovely lad ( shame about his idiot step father) but never a winger in a million years as he can’t cross a ball. Good raiding midfielder in a mid table team

  8. Simon Burke says:

    I have no sympathy for him – he chose to go there to a team packed in the middleand had good wingers at the time (Cole, Robben and I think Duff was still there).
    He should have gone to Arsenal who were in for him rather than Liverpool (who i cant remember being close to signing him).
    So he went to Chelsea, he took the cash, he complained he didnt get games, his mad Uncle complained he didnt get games and he pis*ed away 3 years of his career though as Pete says didnt come away empty handed but it sort of looks that way. I think he will have a good season at City and Hughes has a good signing on his hands.

  9. Simon Burke says:

    PS) Mad uncle – should have been mad stepdad..!

  10. SAm says:

    The gaffer should go be the waterboy of liverpool….and pay for the job

  11. Maybe it is because Mourinho’s style of football didn’t suit SWP. He would have fared better had Scolari been there from the get go.

  12. Lonnie says:

    SWP has great pace and dribbling but his crossing is inconsistent.

    I think what has happened is that Chelsea overpaid for him which artificially increased many opinions of his ability. He’s a decent player but perhaps not an international class player (i.e. not a starter for England).

    He also had chances before now to go elsewhere and get games but he seemed content to sit on the bench at Chelsea. Can’t blame the club for that.

  13. ossie's dream says:

    “How Chelsea Ruined SWP” may be a harsh headline (but this is a blog after all, so we should be forgive the occasional sensationalist headline, as long as it isn’t misleading), but I agree with the sentiment. SWP must take his share of the blame, however, as it was a poor career decision.

    To the sadly misguided and completely biased “Chelsea are beyond reproach” posters above, I have two words for you: Steve Sidwell. Why on earth did Chelsea feel it necessary to take a decent midfielder who Reading desperately needed and never had a hope of breaking into the first team? We can all argue that Sidwell, like SWP, made the wrong decision but that does not excuse Chelsea of culpability.

    More to the point, perhaps the Chelsea fans can tell us how they feel about selling a 27-year old with a lot to offer the Premier League for approx 13M less than they paid for him? The same goes for Shevchenko – a loss of about 10M pounds.

    All this “masterminded” by Peter Kenyon, a man who claims he will have Chelsea in the black in a few years.

  14. John Wright Phillips says:

    Shaun wright phillips has got great pace and acceleration but he needs to get his confidence back because he use to terroise defenders with his explosive burst of pace but when he was in chelsea, they didnt allow him to show his ability as a winger. My opinion on jose mourinho is that he plays more defensive and that lacked flair and movement. Shaun is a very good player but needs to work on his deliveries and work on his speed, it seems he's lost it a bit.

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