Does this need any explanation other than my utter disappointment in the fact that just a few short weeks ago I extolled the virtues of English Footballers for playing a  more honest game than their counterparts from other parts of the planet? I’ve seen cheeky, over the line plays like this before, but not since Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal in 1986 against England or maybe since the blatant dive by Ronald Fonseca to draw a penalty kick for Costa Rica against the US late in stoppage time of a World Cup qualifier eight years ago have I seen anything so shameful in the waning moments of a big match.

Zenit fully deserve their trophy for some fine play today despite being in the middle of a rough domestic campaign in Russia. But for me the everlasting image of this year’s European Super Cup will be this moment, frozen in time with the above image and all it represents. For a club whose supporters have made a meal out of calling former and current Chelsea players Arjen Robben and Didier Drogba”cheats” this certainly must sting right at the heart. Or is it fair play be damned, so long as United wins?

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  1. I don’t think any United fan would be happy if the goal was allowed. Your comment of “fair play be damned, so long as United wins” seems a bit silly in this regard.

    It was so obvious that there could be no way the goal would have been allowed to stand anyway. To me, it was an act more of frustration than cheating.

    All credit to Zenit – they played a great game.

  2. You’ve got to say though, he always knows where the corner of the goal is.

    As t’other Phil says above, it looked more like frustration than a genuine attempt to deceive.

    Just in case anyone thinks this is a whitewash to protect British players, let me throw Gareth Bale under the bus for his pathetic dive last weekend. Mind you, he’s Welsh, so not really “one of us”. :)

  3. Man U are the Yankees of English Premier League soccer. They think they deserve to win every match(ballgame) because they have so many titles, and sometimes the ref(umpire) looks the other way, especially in this case.

  4. gaffer…another reason to stop reading this blog. fuck me, these amateurs are ruining your brand. PS18 made a serious mistake, some would say it was out of effort. id say it was a blatant attempt to cheat, much like a dive late in a match. but this was more obvious so idiots like to make a huge deal. many united fans are very upset at this…for many diverse reasons.

    gaffer, i read these blog posts and i can tell the difference between you and the idiots each time. either maintain quality or ill stop coming back. im bored with responding to worthless blogs. eventually itll become too boring

  5. Todd,

    Every writer is entitled to their own opinion as is each reader. Trust me, I’ve said a lot of controversial things before on this blog which have pissed people off.

    If you don’t like what specific readers say, skip their posts. Same applies to mine if some readers don’t like what I say.

    It’s similar to a newspaper like the New York Times which has a bunch of opinion writers. Some articles anger people, but what the Times provides are several different writers giving their own opinions.

    The Gaffer

  6. RaleighVillan, either you don’t know a thing about football or just are brainwashed into thinking about things in a certain way (mainly an anti-United way).

    How can you possibly say “sometimes the ref(umpire) looks the other way, especially in this case.” Especially in this case!? The goal didn’t count and Scholes got sent off – now he’ll miss the first Champions League match against Villareal. If that’s “looking the other way” then I don’t even want to imagine what would have happened otherwise…

  7. Yes, Scholes was sent off but only becuase it was his second yellow. This offense should have been a straight red, thus resulting in a 3-match ban.

  8. Personally, I thought it was funny. I’m not convinced it was intentional, but whether it was or not I wouldn’t have had a problem if Scholesy had been given a straight red for it — the rules are the rules.

    As a United supporter, I can tell you that if that goal had actually stood through some incredible fluke of luck, I would have been embarassed. We didn’t deserve to win this match.

    Note to United: This is what happens when you try to “mail it in.” It was a thorough ass kicking, and Zenit deserves full marks for their delivery said kicking. I have no doubt The Hairdryer was blasting away at warp speed following the match.

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