Marcell Jansen transfers from Bayern to Hamburg

Marcel JansenDefender Marcell Jansen has transfered from Bayern München to Hamburg today. The 22-year old played 73 games over 3 seasons for Borussia Mönchengladbach before switching to Bayern. Now after only a single year and 17 games in Bavaria he has moved north to Hamburg for an undisclosed sum. He reportedly signed a five-year contract that runs until June 30, 2013.

“With Marcell Jansen as well as the transfer of Alex Silva,”
Hamburg CEO Bernd Hoffmann said, “we’re proceeding with signing highly ambitious players with great potential. Marcell has proven his international quality and will markedly improve us.”

Sports director Dietmar Beiersdorfer added, “This is a carefully planned transfer. We intensely followed Marcell even before his switch to Bayern München. He is very versatile on the left side and we expect him to stimulate our wing play.”

Martin Jol’s revamp of Hamburg continues. Jansen looks set to take Timothee Atouba’s place, who, according to rumors is on his way out. Celtic had registered some interest in Cameroonian left back over the summer, although these reports are, as of now, still unsubstantiated.

5 thoughts on “Marcell Jansen transfers from Bayern to Hamburg”

  1. What the…?! Color me surprised! I had no idea he was unhappy. Jansen was a regular starter when he was healthy. Since Lahm can switch to either side, he certainly seemed to be a solid choice for left back — certainly better than playing Sagnol or Lell on the right and moving Lahm to the left.

    Uh-oh… does this mean Bayern is stuck with Lell? God help them.

  2. I like Janssen. Thought he got too much criticism at the Euros for being left to defend the entirety of the German left channel on his own. Superb pickup by Jol and company.

  3. Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are. In a perfect world (okay, my perfect world) Bixente Lizarazu in his prime suddenly returns to take over on the left and Lahm slides back over to the right. Lell hasn't earned my trust yet (and I don't think he's a particularly great option back there). Then again, I'm not in charge of making these kinds of tactical decisions.

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