Portsmouth vs Manchester United (Your Running Commentary)


It’s Bank Holiday Monday in Britain today where those lucky Brits are at the seaside or relaxing while the rest of the world is working.

Down near the coast, Portsmouth will be entertaining Manchester United at Fratton Park, which is usually a very tricky place for United to get all three points. After Pompey’s thrashing by Chelsea, Harry Redknapp’s side will hope to make a massive improvement today for the 3pm ET/8pm UK time kickoff.

Amazingly, this is the third fixture between these two clubs in just the past few weeks.

If you’ll be watching – or have watched – today’s matches, please share your thoughts, insight, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. No chat today. It may return next week.

7 thoughts on “Portsmouth vs Manchester United (Your Running Commentary)”

  1. URGENT Gents . . . We (Clan Graham) need a fifth (mild pun) or more members to join our league (Wine Country FA) . . . stringent parameters apply, that is, a passion for football and wine (we work and reside in the Northern California wine country) . . . FPL League Code is 21751-13891 . . . so far this year, our four (family) members are averaging 50 pints (sorry, points) plus per game week . . .

  2. Allowing Muntari to leave, although it made economic sense, really hurt the team. Little and Large will only work if they get better service. I was impressed with Armand Traore’s pace and willingness to attack. I was impressed with Kaboul as a left-back. Glen Johnson is making good runs from the right back position. However, central midfield is not working. Muntari would have done an excellent job of feeding the forwards. We’ll see what adjustments will be made as we develop.

    Overall, Pompey looked much better against ManU. Familiarity helped, and the embarassment of the Chelsea match provided some motivation. I am not as down on them after this match as I was last week.

    Now that we’ve gotten those two fixtures out of the way, let’s see what we can do against teams we need to be competitive with such as Everton this Saturday. If we think we can earn a UEFA Cup spot with our finish in the league, we have to beat Everton.


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