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Does Setanta Broadband Work On An Apple iPhone?

Setanta Broadband isn’t currently compatible with the Apple iPhone, but a source inside Setanta Sports USA has informed me that they are currently in the process of implementing a new solution and intend to make it as cross-platform as possible and are specifically seeking support for the iPhone with Safari.

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5 Responses to Does Setanta Broadband Work On An Apple iPhone?

  1. David says:

    Any updates on this?

  2. The Gaffer says:

    Nothing yet. I have a meeting with Setanta in a couple of weeks and will definitely ask them for a future podcast episode. Thanks for the reminder.

    The Gaffer

  3. Dan Maddalena says:

    This is funny, I purchased Sentanta broadband. I paid the 149$ yearlong subscription upfront so I could get the added payper-view. What a joke. I have been unable to watch any Sentanta on my computer all of febuary .Why? I have no clue I have sent requests on how to fix this but Sentanta’s pathetic customer service waits minimum of 2 days to respond.Each response had a questions I had already answered in my previous emails on how to fix the problem. I suspect Sentanata subcontracts its customer service to a foriegn nation.It is eveident by lack of care or concern the custmer service offered me. To date after countless emails and detailed description of the problem my last email; requested how it was on Firefox 2! Are you kidding me? They acually wanted to know how i was able to view it on an old insecure browser that isn’t even available to download! I have tried on IE and Firefox , I have adjusted WMP like they suggested. last email they finally admitted having problems and are looking into it.
    It wont work on an iphone because it doesnt work on my reguarly updated XP laptop.I am dead serious .I paid for a service that is not delivered nor have their customer service offered ANY solution. Sentanta is a terrible service. In my experience, what ever they say upfront is not honest or accurate. I still can not watch something I paid for!

  4. David says:

    Dan I think the problems are to due to Setanta using Silverlight which is a Microsoft technology. I figured out thats not available on the Iphone (well neither is Flash yet). I find in the past month it has given me a few issues too. Especially on Sat morning, it will start to buffer a lot. Also another problem I’ve had in the past and now is it sometimes causes my router to max out and I have to restart it. At first I thought this was a router problem but figured out its a Setanta problem as it only happens when I view their broadband service.

  5. Eric says:

    Have any of you had problems with the video bouncing? I’ve used both Safari and Firefox with Flip4Mac and the demo clip plays fine, but any game video will bounce and its quite hard on the eyes. I e-mailed support and they asked me to use Firefox 2. I’ve tried all of the settings and the current and previous versions of Flip4Mac.

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