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Everton Launches New Third Kit For 2008/2009 Season

new everton third kit Everton Launches New Third Kit For 2008/2009 Season

Add Everton to the hall of shame that includes Chelsea and Wigan. All three teams are guilty of producing yellow flourescent shirts that are absolutely horrible. I mean, come on, who would actually buy these shirts and wear them in the main street?

Everton debuted the new third shirt during yesterday’s 2-1 away win against West Bromwich Albion at The Hawthorns. Designed by Umbro and sponsored by Chang Beer, the shirt follows the same template design as the home one. The kit includes navy shorts and socks.

The third kit will be available for purchase beginning October 7.

What are your thoughts about the new third kit? Click the comments button below and share your thoughts.

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9 Responses to Everton Launches New Third Kit For 2008/2009 Season

  1. Blue Evertonian says:

    Oh Bloody Hell! It’s feking horrible! The “glow in the dark” look makes the players look like fuzzy yellow blobs on my screen. Maybe I need a new screen but I still hate it :-(

    Very “un-Everton like.

  2. Dave says:

    Its horrible? I like it, and if you actually want your site to look professional, get your facts right. We won 2-1, not 2-0

  3. Daz says:

    Im fed up of buying 3 shirt every season which have a different stripe only to the previous, I for one am glad that this one is different. People like you Blue Evertonian are stuck in the past and need to move on… long as we keep the blue and white of the home kit, then that’s what matters!

  4. Blue Evertonian says:

    Ha Ha …. You might be right there Daz but flourescent yellows and oranges grate the eyes on a TV screen. (maybe different if you were at the match) I do like the old yellow top just not the “glow in the dark” look.

  5. Big Blue says:

    Well, by the time it hits the bargain bin it might be cheaper than a hi-viz jacket?

  6. Love It says:

    I love the shirt, if people paid atention to football, West Brown wear blue and white stripes which makes it impossible for EFC to wear either the home of away kit. But if the publisher knew anything about football he would have known the score yesterday as well.

  7. AndyEFC says:

    I agree with LOVEIT. Its a good choice of colour as it doesnt clash with any other teams home shirt.Also i personally like the shirt and will be buying it when it comes out.If you were a true everton fan you would know its not about shirt, but the players that wear them.Big up the everton this year! :)

  8. samantha sutch says:

    it is a nice kit i like it coz it will stand out to the rest of the teams

  9. wjdeweidnw says:

    Actually this kit is very good. I wear mine all the time.

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