England v Czech Republic (Your Running Commentary)

england_crest.pngEngland plays the Czech Republic in a friendly today at 3pm ET/8pm UK time. The game will be shown live on Fox Soccer Channel for U.S. viewers, while U.K. viewers can find the match on Setanta Sports.

It should be interesting to see how Fabio Capello’s side does at Wembley on a night when Emile Heskey may get a chance to start up front, John Terry returns as captain and 30,000 seats are still unsold.

If you’ll be watching – or have watched – today’s matches, please share your thoughts, insight, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

6 thoughts on “England v Czech Republic (Your Running Commentary)”

  1. One comment of note given other discussions. Why schedule international matches during the Olympics ? Does FIFA real care about anyone else. With the GB team doing so well in China you would think England fans should get upset.

  2. Actually Belgium is in trouble today as half their team is in China. The US was prepared for this contingency by not picking overage players who were part of our qualifying team, thus possibly ruining our chances in the Olympics.

    FIFA does it because they can, not because it’s right. The game tonight for the US is the biggest we’ve played since the end of World Cup 2006 and coming so soon after our tragic olympic collapse it’s tough to get ready for.

  3. BTW for those of you interested in Sven’s Mexico debut tonight vs Honduras as well as the other CONCACAF qualifiers please join me for live commentary at csrnusa.com/ussoccerspot beginning at 9pm ET/2 am GMT/6pm PT. Thanks!

  4. Kartik: the Belgium match was a friendly though, just like the England match.

    But if we want to talk about match scheduling (and I agree, FIFA mishandled this), let’s talk about CONCACAF. Aside from one match in UEFA (Kazhakstan v Andorra, two teams who clearly had no Olympic ambitions), the only other World Cup qualifying matches tonight are in North America… and all 12 teams are in action, including the two Olympic sides (Honduras and the USA). Not only that, but both teams got rather big matchups in their group (Mexico and Guatemala). FIFA deserves their lumps, but their too easy a target on this one.

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