Mo Edu on the Move

p1 edu 0222 Mo Edu on the Move

Edu with the USMNT/

Mo Edu’s sale to Glasgow Rangers is more good news for US Soccer as we begin the 2010 World Cup qualifying cycle. While Edu was fortunate that in playing for Toronto FC he was led by one of the few outstanding MLS managers in John Carver, playing on the fieldturf of BMO Field as well as the general disjointed-ness of MLS would have stagnated his growth as a player.

Edu is a remarkable story: completely off the radar of US Soccer as teenager, he is one of the few players in recent US History to actually be capped for the full National Team before he ever got a youth national team run out. That first national team match against Switzerland was the thing of legends, as Edu helped anchor a midfield which gave the home standing Swiss very little space to operate. It was one of the best debuts in recent US National Team history.

Now Edu goes to play for Walter Smith and a club desperate for an SPL title. How do our readers feel about Edu’s move to Rangers and what are his prospects long term for the National Team?

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3 Responses to Mo Edu on the Move

  1. Rex says:

    The SPL is as bad as MLS. Both are terrible leagues.

  2. Berlin says:

    Even better, the SPL doesn’t play in Texas. Glad to see Edu out of Toronto. Great player, hope for all our sakes he prospers on the Isles.

  3. Lonnie says:

    Next you’ll be blaming the field-turf of BMO Field for the high price of oil.

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