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MON, 7:30PM ET

Another Reason To Hate NBC's Olympic Soccer Coverage

beijing olympic 20082 Another Reason To Hate NBC's Olympic Soccer CoverageWatching Brazil against Argentina in the semi-final of the Olympic games this morning, I felt like I was in a timewarp back to the late 1980′s. That’s because NBC, in their infinite stupidity, are breaking for TV commercials in the middle of the game.

And just as it routinely happened in the late 1980′s (including the 1986 World Cup when televised by U.S. TV), the broadcast of the game came back to show that a goal had been scored during a commercial.

Wake up NBC. It’s 2008. Let’s come up with a better solution for televising soccer matches that doesn’t include breaking for commercials.

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17 Responses to Another Reason To Hate NBC's Olympic Soccer Coverage

  1. Matthew says:

    i have an olympic soccer channel that played the game through with no commercial interruption even during half time.

  2. The Gaffer says:

    The channel I was watching it on was MSNBCs HD channel, which broke for a commercial right before Argentina’s second goal and returned after the ball had already gone in the net.

    The Gaffer

  3. laurie says:

    I could not believe that MSNBC watchers missed Argentina’s second goal to see a Chevy commercial!! AARRGGHH!!!

  4. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Typical contempt for the game from the execs at GE.

    Thank goodness for Disney. (I never thought I’d say that)

    BTW, is this is for Dunga as Brazil manager?

  5. Brad says:

    What is even more amazing is that the game was on tape delay. How do you screw that up?

  6. Marcio says:

    When this backward mentality is going to end? Those executives are out of touch with world reality, that is very disrespectful to a soccer fan.

  7. Johnathan Starling says:

    And all you had to do was watch the game online, just like I will be when I get home.

    And let’s be thankful we even got the Olympic Soccer event on TV at any level. I was honestly expecting only the US games to be broadcast and the rest to be left for viewing online.

    There are some battles that just aren’t worth it. This to me is one of them.

  8. JC says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I was curious to see if this would get a mention. They also missed a goal during the Nigeria game. I do however, agree with the comment above that it is surprising that they televised any of the games that didn’t involve the USA.

  9. Todd says:

    pretty pathetic expectations for paying customers if you ask me. the issue isnt that they went to commercials, its that the channel that offers all the matches uninterrupted in HD is actually available…just not to everyone. I am paying nothing for ths extra channel. The point is, its available to get the matches without commercial…obviously NBC is doing it. yet some of you find it excessive to actually expect that sort of coverage? the people content with an inferior will continue to be sold shit.

  10. AtlantaPompey says:

    Watched it online without commercials or announcers. I’ve watched other matches on the Olympic Soccer channel with no commercials as well. I certainly don’t want commercial interruption in my viewing, which is why I will not watch the matches on MSNBC or whatever they were on. I will watch the final online. It’s free, the video quality is excellent, and I don’t have to put up with stupid American announcers.

  11. Tim says:

    Does anyone know if the Spanish feed on Telemundo had commercials too? They certainly have more exciting announcers.

  12. Martek says:

    You know, the first time I came across this mention today, I thought there must be some mistake. Surely no broadcaster could be THAT stupid. Now the real truth has sunk in and I am somewhat speechless. If I had been watching and not at work, I’m not sure my TV would have survived.

  13. Telemundo has gone commercial free during their matches.

  14. eplnfl says:

    Well said BC and AP ,you go online. What bothers me is that only soccer well merit having the game being described half a world away. Why only in soccer is this allowed to happen. To imagine any other sport on US tv doing that is beyond imagination.

  15. Annie says:

    I watched the game on Telemundo and it was commercial free. I wouldn’t even attempt to watch it on NBC with all the interruptions they have. Anyway, GO ARGENTINA!!!

  16. Abey says:

    I switched to Telemundo when NBC went for commercials planning to come right back but I didn’t.

    No idea what the announcers are saying but they have soccer in their blood. Contrast that with the announcers at NBC who lack emotion besides their every now and then stupid/ irritating comments that spoil your whole experience.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes and I was laughing my azz off when I watched the goal at Telemundo and switched right back to see NBC’s commercials.

  17. sandstone says:

    he played brilliantly at the world cup…we surely cant base our decision on just one game

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